Thursday, June 10, 2010

Playdate at Norstroms

OK.  I'm getting razed by Kat for not blogging.... sorry but I am totally not the technologically apt so that is why I am the "silent" partner.

Went to the Norstroms to do a make over with our favorite make-up artist on Tuesday. I had my whole face done in Christian Dior line   (Whew, my face was worth about $500 with everything she put on it.)  But I looked fab!.   I have the picture on my phone but as i say i am not a techy so you will just have to image!

I stand with Kat on the Dior Shadows.  As much as I hate to admit it, sometimes you have to spend a little bit in order to really have products that do justice to your "look".  Their concealers have collagen in them which really really make those puffy eyes look radiant. It also has brightner in them to really give those dark circles a run for the money.  Instead of using foundation she actually used the concealer on my face. It was really light and brighten my face which was something I have not seen in  regular foundations wet dry or cake.  Again pictures.. I guess I have to figure out how to get the pictures on the blog...old dog has a hard time learning new tricks....

If you ever have a notion, I found it really educational  (and FUN) to have a makeup artist do your face.  I learned a lot about color and shadowing techinques.  So I totally recommend you visit a counter that you are intrigue with and have them give you a "look".

thats all folks!!!!   Yea...and all of you now know...there is a MAI!


Rica said...

LOL... Welcome Mai!

I'm not sure if I've seen any of your post before. Anyway, welcome!

Do you remember which concealer she used on you? It sounds amazing!


galpal.hi said...

*GASP* She actually posted! Mai, you REALLY must not want to test out the natto beauty mask. LOL! Glad to see that you finally posted something.

Mai, you makeup was awesome tonight. It really looked good!

@Rica...I told Mai to reply about the concealers. She showed them to me tonight and it was the Diorskin concealers. They were in a little bottle.


BV said...

Hello Mai!!
I wondered if there was another partner to this blog!
Um.. Dior. I must admit, I only own one Dior item - a nail polish! Heh. Your post has got me interested... I'll check out the eyeshadows sometime next week.
I look forward to reading more from you!

galpal.hi said...

Hi Rica.
Nope..I didnt even tell Kat that I did the posting... she was total shocked..told her to settle down before she had a heart attack....

The concealer works great. I have always used a cream concealer but this one actually brightens and hydrates the area so it really looks awesome. Concealer name is : Diorskin sculpt lifting smoothing concealer. When i get together with Kat again I'll have her teach me how to get pictures on the blog.

Thanks for your comment! Appreciate you visiting! Kat does and awesome job blogging...I am not too good at all this techy stuff!
take care!


galpal.hi said...

HI there. Nice to meet you too. I am not much of a "blogger", Kat is the real pro. (either that or I lead a very dull existance!)
You take care. I really like the concealers that they have. I have little luggage under my eyes and they seem to conceal them well.

you take care .