Thursday, June 3, 2010

Haul, Review, EOTD

Last week Wednesday it was announced that a new online Japanese cosmetics store opened up. I was so excited that I promptly ordered from A Pop of Kawaii. I received my order on Tuesday!

I ordered 2 eyeshadow palettes from the Lunasol Star Shower Eyes collection. Color 03 Dazzling Night and Color 04 Star River. I also received a couple of samples to try. Everything was packaged up really nicely and even the eyeshadow palette boxes were wrapped in cute printed clear cello wrap. An invoice was also enclosed. Everything was done so professionally and the service was excellent. I will definitely be ordering again in the very near future.

Eyeshadow palettes that I purchased

Samples that I received with my purchase

The Lunasol Star Shower Eyes palettes are simply gorgeous! I'm so happy that I ordered these. I tried out Color 03 Dazzling Night today and it did not disappoint. As with my Nature Eyes palette, the eyeshadows are well pigmented.

Products used after prepping eyes:

MAC Painterly
MAC Remotely Grey in entire contour area
Lunasol 03 Dazzling Night Gray/Blue color from lashline to above crease line
Lunasol 03 Dazzling Night Charcoal color outer 1/3 of eye from lashline to above crease line, blended inward toward inner eye and upward into contour area
Lunasol 03 Dazzling Night White color dotted into middle of eyelid from lashline to crease line
I also very lightly brushed the white color over entire lid to help blend and soften the colors since I applied my shadow too dark--hehe, forgot how well pigmented Lunasol is
Smashbox Halo Bronzer on browbone to highlight
Talika Lipocils eyelash conditioner

Sorry, this came out blurred =(

One of the samples that I received was Dejavu Fiberwig Lasting-fine Eyeliner Gel Pencil. 24 hour. It's supposed to be long lasting, waterproof (or was it water resistant?), sweatproof and tear proof. I already had my eyeliner on yesterday so I tried using it to waterline and tightline but it did end up giving me a bit of racoon eyes--I have trouble with tightlining and waterlining. So today I used it to line my upper lashline and 1/3 of the outer lower lashline. Since I can't seem to tightline my lids, I found that if I just tightline the middle of my eyes, right where the iris of my eye is. I find that this helps to make my eyes look bigger. I like this eyeliner! It has lasted me 8 hours so far without any smudging.

I also received a sample of Shiseido Maquillage Climax Lasting Liquid UV Foundation. It also came with a sample of Pre-Makeup Smooth Fix and a mini sponge, both of which I didn't use. This foundation is really nice. It's on the matte side, which is not good for my aging skin. I used to really love having matte finish and the nice look that it gave. Unfortunately, it now emphasizes my fine lines so I have to go with something that is not a matte finish. However, I really like the way this foundation looks on. I was surprised that the coverage was heavy enough for my liking and with the humid summer weather coming on, I was thinking of looking for something less heavy than my gel foundation. It has a nice and lightweight feel to it. I decided to pat on some of my gel foundation from my cheekbones to just under my eyes over this foundation. This is where my fine lines show up. Although it's been 8 hours, I haven't had to touch up this foundation at all. The only thing that I did about an hour ago was to spritz on Caudalie Eau de Beaute Beauty Elixer to hydrate my skin a little.

Finished up my makeup with Smashbox Halo Hydrating Bronzer with MAC Marine Life Highlighter over it.

Again, if you're looking for another source for Japanese cosmetics, please check out A Pop Of Kawaii. She's just opened and is still adding to her inventory as well as trying to update her website so keep on checking back.

Note: I am NOT affiliated with A Pop of Kawaii in any way, except as a satisfied first-time customer