Thursday, June 10, 2010

Small Sasa Haul

I kind of thought that I would stop doing strictly haul posts but I had to do this one. I can proudly say that I am no longer a virgin. LOL! I had read many bloggers posting about they bought this thing or that thing, all of them very interesting items, from Sasa. I had been trying to put together an order for a while and finally did so.

One of the items that they had was this 3D Hello Kitty Bath and Shower Gel. I'm a total sucker for Hello Kitty and had to get this because it looked so cute. I was totally shocked when I opened up the box and found this Hello Kitty:

It is huge! I placed my 20 oz/1.25 pint/591 ml Diet Coke bottle next to it so that you can get an idea of just how big the container is. It contains 300 ml of bath and shower gel. I wasn't expecting this huge container. I'm not sure where I am going to be able to place it when I want to shower and use the gel.

I also picked up Sana Uruoitashi Moisture Mist, which you can spray on your face throughout the day to hydrate it. Shiseido eyelash curler. I have been reading good reviews on this eyelash curler. I love my Shu Uemura curler but wanted to test the Shiseido one. Not pictured is the Dariya Hair Magic Sheet, in black. It intrigues me so I wanted to try it. Lastly, I actually bought beauty masks. I don't use masks but I HAD to get this one. It's My Beauty Diary Natto Mask. Mai and I absolutely hate natto. However, I have a guy friend in Japan who LOVES natto and is constantly telling me that I should eat natto for my health and beauty. He showed me this funny satirical skit on Natto Beauty Pack and it was hilarious. I bought these masks as a return joke to him.

I told Mai that as punishment for being the silent half of this blog, that I'm going to make her test out the mask. She said no thanks--she'll barf. ROFL! However, I have read reviews that this is not scented like natto at all. Do I dare be super human brave and try it? Gyaaaa---so scared!



Rica said...

The gigantic shower gel is sooo cute... even though I'm not a big fan of Hello Kitty, I would want one in my bath room!

Sasa is great! But I think I like the actual store better, I like to shop stuff in person. I wish I can go there... well, not now but in the future!

I don't really like natto, they do smell. So I understand why Mai wouldn't want that on her face. But let us know if it really does smell like natto LOL


galpal.hi said...

Rica, there's an actual store?!! OMG! I didn't know that. Personally, I don't really like shopping online for things unless I know what it is. If it's something that I don't know, it's nice to be able to see it and play with a tester in the store.

Natto = stinky, slimey, yucky
Natto beauty mask = scary


BV said...

Whoa Nelly! As a HK lover, I'm ordering that in my next Sasa order! I should be getting a Sasa order soon - mainly hair stuff this time.

I love Sasa but sometimes they can be slow... thanks for posting this! Now I have some ideas for my next order!

PS Just a quick comment about natto. Once my mother, brother and I went on a family trip to Japan (I was a teenager so imagine - a long time ago) and I didn't know what the natto was and I refused to eat it. I'm sure the staff were laughing at me. The smell of it bothers me but I don't mind the taste. Hehehehe But it is supposed to be SERIOUSLY good for your health - everyone tells me that!! But I can't eat it...

galpal.hi said...

You're going to love that 3D HK Bath and Shower Gel for that huge container BV. I haven't even opened it yet to smell and test what the gel is like because HK is so cute just as is. I'm glad that I gave you an idea for your next order. You gave me an idea of what to order in my next order, which I am placing right after this. It was the DHC Quick Dry. It sounds really interesting.

Yes, I know that natto is seriously good for your health--my friend keeps on telling me that. He eats it EVERY morning for breakfast. He also keeps on telling me that it's good for my beauty. I keep on telling him that it's good for health and beauty because the stench of it scares all of the bad things in your body away. Unfortunately, my husband LOVES natto as well and wants to form a Hawaii Natto Club. My boys can't stand the stuff either.