Monday, June 28, 2010

Review: Lippmann Nail Polish--Again

I know that I have previously talked about Deborah Lippmann nail polishes, and more specifically the amazing Dream and Little Dream. I really love this polish! You can read my previous post HERE. What I don't think that I mentioned was that there is another formulation similar to Dream A Little Dream except that it has gold-toned iridescent shimmer to it. I recently picked it up. It is called Diamonds and Pearls.

I decided to do a quick swatch using the two polishes to show you just how amazing they are. Since this was just for a visual, I did not use any base coat or top coat. Here I used Don't Tell Mama as the main color on all 3 nails. Don't Tell Mama is a very deep emerald green color and it can look black depending on the lighting. Next to Don't Tell Mama is Dream A Little Dream, which has blue iridescent shimmer to it. I absolutely LOVE this one. And next to Dream A Little Dream is Diamonds and Pearls, which has the gold iridescent shimmer. This is also a beautiful color and works great with warm colors.

In the same order as the nail polishes, I have them swatched on my nails. I used two coats of Don't Tell Mama on all 3 nails. First nail (pointer finger) has only Don't Tell Mama on. My middle finger has one decently thick coat of Dream a Little Dream. Using this on top of Don't Tell Mama, turns the color into a beautiful deep teal color. On my ring finger, I applied a decently thick coat of Diamonds and Pearls. Voila! Using this over Don't Tell Mama, the color turns into a bronzey brown color. This color is really beautiful too.

I need to buy more regular nail polish colors to be able to apply overcoats of Dream A Little Dream and Diamonds and Pearls on. As much as I don't like to do manicures, it's making me want to do so because I'm enjoying seeing the transformation of colors.



BV said...

You know what I love about Dream a little dream and now diamonds and pearls? It has that duochrome finish I love - I call it oil slick suspended on water... not a beautiful description but accurate (I think!)... the colours look great on you btw!!!

Thanks so much for this post!

galpal.hi said...

LOL BV! It is actually a very accurate description. You know, oil on water has a very beautiful iridescent sheen to it. I'm really loving the two formulas. I need to find out if there are any others.