Saturday, June 5, 2010

Review, NOTD

A few posts back I posted about this new nail lacquer line called Deborah Lippmann. At the time I only had sheer colors and couldn't do a proper review of it. I went back to Nordstrom and picked up a color that I was not loving but they were out of a lot of colors because of the Trend Show.

I picked up Daytripper, which is a coral color, more on the orange side. It's a little darker than colors I normally wear on my fingernails (if and when I do, haha!) I am really hard on my hands and nails so taking the time to do my nails only to have it start chipping off within a day is kind of frustrating, which is why I don't do my nails. In light of this, I also decided to trial and review Shiseido Majolica Majorica Artistic Nails Speedy and Glossy PK 217 Milk Candy. Milk Candy is a cute light pink color. It's a cream enamel. I was impressed with this because from the first application, it didn't streak. Cream enamels tend to streak when I apply it. This nail enamel I received as a GWP from A Pop of Kawaii for me to test out. Okay, so my NOTD is a bit funky with the two colors but it saved me a lot of time. Maybe I'll start a new trend. heehee

I started off doing all of my nails with Hardrock from the Lippmann Collection. Hardrock can be used as both a base coat and a top coat. I really love this enamel because it gives your nails an acrylic nail look. It also helps to smooth out your nails and seems to help strengthen them. (I have really soft nails.) It dries pretty quickly too. For both Daytripper and Milk Candy, I applied two coats of polish. Milk Candy really does dry quite quickly, which I like. Daytripper took much longer. To my nails with Daytripper, I applied two coats of an overcoat of Dream A Little Dream of Me, also from the Lippmann Collection. This is a sheer lacquer with a blue iridescent shimmer to it. This toned down the orangeness of Daytripper and softened the color a bit. I love it! After everything was dry, I applied another coat of Hard Rock as a top coat.

Please excuse the messy application of nail enamel.
I didn't realize it was like that until I saw it in this closeup picture.

Note: I wanted to test the longevity of the nail enamels so to be fair, I didn't wash dishes last night because I wanted to make sure the enamel set well. I washed the dishes this morning and so far neither one has chipped yet. Of course since I used Lippmann's Hard Rock as a base coat and top coat on top of the Majolica Majorica Milk Candy, I'm not sure if it's the Hard Rock that has helped with the chipping. This doesn't matter much to me since I'll use Hard Rock as a standard from now on.



BV said...

I like these colours - I admit - what I like the most is the bottles. They look so cute! Hehehehe
thanks for this post.. I'm not so turned on by the slow drying (I'm very impatient) but the colours make me more interested...

galpal.hi said...

BV, the Majolica Majorca bottles are super cute.

Yeah, I don't care for the slow drying nail enamels either. However, I have to admit, the Lippmann brand is wow! It must be the Hard Rock because all of my nails are still holding up well--no chipping. I'm impressed.