Friday, June 25, 2010

Omiyage (gifts) and Mask Product Review

After I wrote my review on SkinFood Peach Sake BB Cream, Shihoco from Pladge Blogspot commented on how she'd like to try a BB cream that smelled sweet like in my review. Knowing that I wasn't going to be using this BB cream again because it was too drying on my skin, I asked her if she wanted it. It would be so wasteful to just have it sit in my cabinet and not be used. It really is a lovely BB cream, I just wish that it was more moisturizing. So I sent her the SkinFood BB cream and the Etude House BB cream, along with a few other items that I wasn't using.

In return, she sent me some wonderful things! I received 2 boxes of Kose Clear Turn White Masks--one with collagen and one with Vitamin C. Both of these have also have 12 different extracts to help whiten and smooth your skin. The round puff is to do face massage. It seems very interesting to me. There was also a beautiful black scrunchie, Hi-Chu candy, a pack of Japanese cookies--yes, I already ate a pack--YUMMM!, Japanese chili pepper powder, which is from her region in Japan and Visee Blooming Eyes PU-2.  I was so happy to receive all of these things!

Sorry, my kitten wanted in on the picture.
I mentioned this before but her name is
Hime chan, which means Princess. She
really is a princess--she even loves
being in pictures and wants to try beauty products.

Yesterday I was really sick and had a horrible headache. I was going to put an ice pack on my forehead but I decided to use the face mask instead. The last time I had used a different face mask, it was quite cooling so I was hoping that there would be the same cooling effect. I decided to open and use the Collagen face mask. This was at around 11:30 a.m.

The face mask was very saturated but it doesn't drip at all. I think that I have a smaller-sized face but after some minor adjustments, it fit well. It felt very nice and did have a slight cooling effect. Since I wasn't feeling well, I lay down and actually dozed off with it on. After approximately 20 minutes, I pulled it off and there was quite a bit of product left on my face, which I patted in and worked into my skin. My skin looked much brighter and smooth. It also actually helped to ease my headache to the point that it was nearly gone. Later on in the evening, oh around 10:30 p.m. or so, I looked in the mirror and my face still looked really nicely hydrated and happy.

Thank you Shihoco san!



BV said...

I love your goodies - but seriously how cute is Hime-chan!! Wahhhh she looks so fluffy and cute... great model to boot!


galpal.hi said...

Thanks BV! Hime chan is a cutie. She can be a major brat at times but she is fun. She loves to play, loves being the center of attention and constantly follows me around. She's really more like a dog.


pladge said...

Hello, Kathy.
Thank you very much for updating my Omiyage with great review.(About VISEE's eye shadow too.) I'm really happy to read them.
And I also glad that KOSE's facial mask is good working on your skin. I usually don't use facial mask for myself a lot but I absolutely think I need to use them and Japanese brand's facial masks are good quality.
If I'll find something good Japanese products in the future, I'll share with you again.^^

And... your Hime is so pretty!! I was smiling when I saw that cute picture.^^

galpal.hi said...

Shihoco san,

Thank you again for the many wonderful omiyage! I have never really used facial masks before except for recently. I started because I read so many wonderful reviews on different blogs. I will try to use the Vitamin C one soon.

Thank you! I think that Hime chan is cute. She always likes to get in the way.