Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review: Revlon BB Moisture Cream

In my A Pop of Kawaii order which I received the other day was the Revlon BB Moisture Cream. It is a Japan release item. What is it with BB creams for me? It's like an addiction! I see new BB cream and I automatically think that I need to try it.

I was really excited when I first saw this being advertised because of it being a moisture cream AND it comes in 3 different shades. This is quite unusual for BB creams, I think. I have skin that needs hydration so "moisture" sounds good to me. I also fall in the MAC NC25-30 range so I decided to order the darkest color, which is 03 Medium Beige.

I swatched it with my top 2 BB creams and as you can see, it seems that the Revlon 03 Medium Beige is a bit orangey in tone. It made me a little worried. The Lioele seems like it's the darkest but in reality when I apply it, it gives off a white-ish cast. My Kanebo Freshel post with Lioele comparison is here.

The Revlon BB Cream has a nice, creamy texture to it. Because I think that it's more creamy than Freshel, it has decent coverage. For those who like to use BB cream as a foundation, I think that this one is perfect for it. It gives decent coverage and you can layer on more for heavier coverage. I think that this BB cream has a medium-light to medium coverage. There really isn't any scent to it, which is a plus to many people.

Face only prepped and primed. You can still see that I have
dicoloration from the oil burns from last month. I think that it's fading a bit.

Revlon BB Cream applied on right side of face only (left side in the picture).
Amazingly, it's not orangey on my face and actually blends in very nicely.
It seems to match my skin tone almost perfectly. Really pleased with that!

Finished FOTD w/Maquillage Moisture Cream Foundation

After more than 12 hours. The only touching up that I did was to apply
powder foundation on nose, upper lip area and chin.

I found that when I first applied the BB cream, it definitely was moisturizing. It wasn't anything heavy. However as the day went on, it seems like the moisture disappears. Perhaps it was my skin soaking up the moisture but it definitely disappeared. As a result, some fine lines appeared, which I do not like. I think that perhaps this might be good to wear during the summer but might not be hydrating enough in the colder winter months (not that Hawaii gets really cold but I'm thinking in general).  Yesterday wasn't really very hot and humid and I actually spent a couple of hours in the theater, which was really cold. When I took the "After more than 12 hours" picture, the only touching up that I did was powder foundation on my nose, upper lip area and chin. It didn't seem to oxidize on me and although the picture looks a bit darker, it's probably because of the lighting. With the finished FOTD picture, I have outdoor lighting and indoor lighting but with the After 12 hours picture, there's only indoor lighting. After I took the last picture, I played around with my face a bit and tried lightly applying moisture essence cream and it worked great! Today, I'm wearing the BB cream again but I applied the the moisture essence cream on top of the BB cream and then applied my foundation. So far it seems to be doing great that way. (I'm reaching the 8 hour mark right now). However, today is also much hotter than yesterday so that could also be a factor.

I'm really liking this BB cream. It is now part of my top 3 BB creams. I love the way it's just about perfect for my skin tone. Although it's not as hydrating as I like, that's easily fixable by adding more moisture to my face. I think that it's great for warmer weather use.



Jess said...

I've never tried any BB cream yet, although I have heard lots of great reviews.

The Revlon BB cream makes your skin look nearly flawless, but still so natural!

galpal.hi said...

Hi Jess! Thanks for the comment! I've been trying the Revlon BB cream in different combinations and I'm finding that I really do like this BB cream. After I figure everything out I'll do an update post on it.


Rica said...

The Revlon BB Cream looks like a great colour match for you. I have yellow undertone and most BB Creams look so pink on me. I think I'm going to try Nanoce BB cream one day because the colours look so promising. I just need to find it in store so that I can swatch it.

Anyway, the BB cream looks really natural and looks really nice on you! Keep using it LOL


galpal.hi said...

Thanks Rica! Yes, I'm quite impressed by the color match with this BB cream. I hope that you can find a great match for you. You're lucky if you can find BB creams in stores there. At this point, there are none here in Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for reviewing the Revlon BB cream! it does sounds like a great base to use. I am tempted to try it out myself since I'm on the look out to try out a base that is all in one.
I've had bad experiences with BB creams in the past but I'm slowly changing my mind with your posts :)This sounds like a nice item to have. For me, SPF and colour match is important for me.. As you might know some BB cream can make faces look ashy - this one looks lovely!

I hope you don't mind me adding this post on our FB - thank you!!

galpal.hi said...

I'm going to be posting a follow-up post on this BB cream. I'm really liking it. Yes, I had a couple of creams turn ashy on me.

Thanks for the comment!


juuuunn said...

that BB cream is really good. You really can see the result!

galpal.hi said...

@juuuunn Thanks for visiting and commenting. Yes, this BB cream is pretty awesome. I'm really liking it a whole lot.


BabyAdore said...

Oh now even Revlon has a bb cream too!

galpal.hi said...

BabyAdore--thanks for visiting! Yes, Revlon has a BB cream now but only a Japan release. I am not sure if they will eventually do an Asia-wide release and then a U.S. release or not.


BabyAdore said...

Umm oh... hopefully they will since Maybelline BB Cream is now available in my country Malaysia :D