Sunday, August 15, 2010

Questionnaire: Missha Dolly Lashes

I know that whether or not you're a follower of this blog, there are quite a few readers. Mai and I want to thank each and every one of you for taking time out to read our humble blog.

We have a few questions with regards to Missha Dolly Lashes and would like as much feedback as possible.

We'd like to get your opinions on the Missha Dolly Lashes, both good and bad. If you've seen posts about them but haven't been able to find a way to purchase it, would you be interested in purchasing? What is, in your opinions, the best styles? If you have been able to purchase it, what is the average price on it?

Mai and I both don't wear false eyelashes. However, there is an opportunity for us to purchase these--it may be a one-shot deal. We are considering it depending on the opinion as to popularity, quality and price of the lashes.

Thanks in advance for all of your help.



BV said...

Hi Kat... what are Missha Dolly lashes? Do you mean the Dolly wink lashes I think Koji brand? I don't use falsies much because I am way too lazy to false up anymore... I wonder if you shouldn't ask Yumeko? If anyone would know, she would...
Good luck

Nic Nic said...

Kathy, I have never tried Missha false eyelashes before so I cant really tell you what I think. In fact I'm like you not much of a false lash enthusiast, lol. If you do decide to get them I hope they work out for you!

thanks for the email i will reply you back soon :D

galpal.hi said...

BV, they are definitely not the Dolly Wink lashes. They were called Missha Dolly Lashes. I'm not sure if they are affiliated with Missha. I was in a store and they caught my eye. I talked with the store owner a bit about them and she offered me a good drop shipment kind of deal if I wanted to try and sell it. I want to do more research on it before I decide but finding info on them is difficult.


galpal.hi said...

Thanks Nic Nic! I guess that I'm just too lazy to apply false eyelashes. I used to use them a lot way back when, especially when I was into modeling.


sample said...

Hello Kat! this was very much interesting!

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