Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Pop Of Kawaii Haul with Product Reviews, EOTD

Last week I placed an order with A Pop Of Kawaii, which blogger Nic Nic of bang bang she shoots owns. Check out her blog, it's really interesting and she's a really cute gal. Anyway, this is not my first order from A Pop Of Kawaii. I really like their product line and superb service. I got notification on Thursday night that my order was shipped out and Monday it arrived!

I ordered Revlon BB Cream, which is a Japan release, Canmake Gokunobi mascara, Canmake Loose Cheek and Lunasol Blooming Eyes Purple Gradation, which was actually a sale item. She also included a few GWPs, one of which is a Hello Kitty oil blotting sheets pouch. I love Hello Kitty so I think it's perfect!

I'm in the process of testing the BB cream right now so I'll be posting a review on it later.

Lunasol Blooming Eyes Purple Gradation, Canmake Gokunobi Mascara and EOTD

I primed my eyes with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. MAC's Neutral Pink was applied in my contour area and blended up into my brow bone. From the Lunasol palette, I used the light purple in the inner 1/3 of upper eyelid, the darker purple in the middle 1/3 of eyelid and blended well with the light purple. The charcoal color was applied to the outer 1/3 of my eyelid and blended upward into contour area and across creaseline. I deepened the outer corner with the same color in a sidewards "V" shape.  Lined my upper and lower lashline with K-Palette Real Lasting eyeliner and using the charcoal eyeshadow, I went over the eyeliner to soften the line a bit. Curled my eyelashes using Koji #70 eyelash curler and applied Canmake Gokunobi mascara. As a final touch, I applied the Canmake Loose Cheek 06 Mauve Pink onto brow bone as a highlight.

I really like Lunasol Eyeshadows and this one did not disappoint. It is well pigmented and the shadows apply nicely. I've been into using purple eyeshadows lately so this was a nice addition to my collection. I can see using this with my other purple eyeshadows to create a different look.

The mascara is a curling and lengthening mascara with waterproof properties except that it washes off easily with warm water. You can read more info as well as application instructions here, which is on A Pop Of Kawaii's website.

I have really difficult to curl lashes which do not hold a curl unless I apply a mascara base or use waterproof mascara. I don't like to use waterproof mascara because it's more difficult to remove. In today's EOTD, I curled my eyelashes but didn't use a mascara base because I wanted to see if it would hold my curl. While it didn't completely uncurl my eyelashes, it didn't fully hold the curl either. It's still curled but it's what I call a droopy curl. I tried it yesterday without curling my eyelashes to see if it would curl it but it barely curled it. It did wash off very easily and cleanly with warm water and it didn't flake throughout the day. Am I disappointed? No because this is par for the course as far as mascaras and my eyelashes go. I can just use a mascara base and it'll work just fine. I like the fact that I can just wash it off with warm water. For the price, it's a decent mascara.

Canmake Loose Cheek in 06 Mauve Pink

I had purchased this same blush in 01 Baby Pink and I just love it so much! You can read my review on it here. I've been wearing it almost every day since purchasing it. It still comes in the same cute packaging with the sweet little puff. Although you can't see it in the picture, the Baby Pink is more of a light pink while the mauve pink looks more blue-toned, so there's a lavender tone to it. Also, the Baby Pink has gold sparkles in it while the Mauve Pink has silver sparkles. I also think that the Mauve Pink is slightly darker than the Baby Pink. I'm loving both colors.

Look for my review on the Revlon BB Cream which will be coming up in a day or so. Perhaps even later on tonight.

Please be sure to check out A Pop Of Kawaii. Thanks Nic Nic for the great service!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review!

coffretgorge said...

i agree! nic nic is really cute and sweet! :) thank for the eotd on the Lunasol palette! and thank you for following my blog as well kat! :)

your sweet comment made me smile this big ^___________^!

Jess said...

Lovely haul! <3
I've just sold my Lunasol Purple Gradation palette, hehe... purple looks really good on you.

I got the Canmake mascara too, but it totally weighs down my lashes. Booo! :/

galpal.hi said...

@Anonymous--Thank you for reading and commenting.

galpal.hi said...

@coffretgorge--You're welcome! I'm sorry I started following you so late. I meant to start much earlier but forgot. Senior moment!

Your comment made me smile that big too.


galpal.hi said...

@Jess--I sent you an email already but I received my blog sale purchase package from you. I'm so glad that I was able to purchase what I did. I'm loving everything.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the awesome eotd and reviews!!

I loveee the purple on you. I'm trying to get into the purple mood again - this is great inspiration!!!

I hope the mascara is working out for you!! I completely know you what you about heavy mascaras!

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you don't mind me adding this to your FB page? :D

galpal.hi said...

Thank YOU for the wonderful service Nic Nic! I hope that your business is off to a good start. You have a wonderful inventory so I'm always looking forward to seeing "What's New".