Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm in Extase!

Yup, I'm in Extase! On Saturday I finally caved and purchased the Dior 5 color palette that I had been eyeing for a while. It's the Extase Pink palette.

I had resisted purchasing it because I already have a palette that has pink and purple in it but I love the fact that it also has a silver and gray color in it. Also, the palette that has the pink and purple in it is a LE palette. The LE palettes seem to come with the color in the lower right hand corner as a cream liner, which I usually do not use. The regular line 5 color palettes have all 5 shadows as powder eyeshadows.

Products used for today's EOTD:

Dior Crush Glow

Dior Extase Pink

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner
Talika Lipocils

From Extase Pink, I used the center color on brow bone for highlight. From Crush Glow, I used the pinky taupe color (bottom left side) in contour area, between creaseline and brow bone. From Extase Pink, the pink color on inner half of upper eyelid, purple on outer half of upper eyelid, the dark gray in outer corner of upper eyelids in "v" shape. Lined eyes with K-Palette eyeliner and brushed eyelashes with Talika Lipocils.

I think that the Extase Pink palette is a very versatile palette--it's probably the most versatile of my Dior palettes. I can think of various combinations to use the different colors and to combine it with other colors from other palettes. I'm really glad that I got it.



coffretgorge said...

hello kat! nice quint! :) i have yet to try dior's just waiting for a gorgeous, take my breath away color combo to be sold in our local Dior counter. :D enjoy your new 'baby'! :)

galpal.hi said...

Hi coffretgorge! I hope that you find that gorgeous, take your breath away, gotta have color combo. I'm finding that since I've discovered Dior eyeshadows, I'm really liking the feel and pigmentation of them. Oh, my Dior MUA told me on Saturday that Dior is changing up a lot of their formulations for a lot of their products, including their eyeshadow combos. For example, an iridescent palette will be turned into a more matte palette and vice versa.


Jess said...

Extase Pink is a really beautiful palette, but I skipped on it, because I can't really pull off pink on my eyes. :/

It looks good on you though! Love the darker silver grey that adds depth to your eyes.

Nic Nic said...

Hi Kat! does your son live in Tokyo or just visiting??

The dior palette looks beautiful itself and on you! you look great in purples and pinks - i havent used both colours in a while now!

galpal.hi said...

Thanks Jess. I'm really liking this palette a lot. You can't pull off pink? Maybe you just have to find the right tone? I know that some pinks and reds make me look like I have a bad eye infection.


galpal.hi said...

HI Nic Nic,

My son lives in Aizu-misato, which you probably never heard of. It's a small town that is about 15 minutes away from Aizu Wakamatsu. His GF lives in Bandai. He has a car so he drove to Chiba. He said that on that 2nd day his car cooler broke and it was really hot. Fortunately he just needed more coolant.

Thanks for your sweet comment. I haven't used pinks and purples in quite a while too so now I'm really into it again.


BV said...

Hi Kat
That eyeshadow looks fantastic! PS I love puns so the heading of the post gave me a good chuckle... hehehehe

galpal.hi said...

Thanks BV! I really did have to buy this palette since I was eyeing it for so long.

I htink that puns add some interest to the posts. I like the way you do puns too.