Thursday, August 26, 2010

More on The Body Shop Autumn 2010 LE Cheek and Face Powder

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I ended up calling The Body Shop to put more of these powders on hold to give away as presents. Am I glad that I did. I went there first thing this morning and and found out that they got only a very limited amount of them in. I ended up buying the last Berry off of the shelf and also picked up another Chestnut, so in total I got 7 compacts.


According the The Body Shop website, the Face and Cheek Powders are for all skin types. It contains Marula oil from Nambia which helps to condition skin over time and will restore your skin's moisture barrier. The powder is infused with Night Blooming Cactus extract which helps to hydrate your outer surface of the skin. It also contains Brazil Nut oil which moisturizes and helps to soften your skin.

I decided to keep one of the Chestnut compacts for myself with the thought of using it as a bronzer. I also picked up the Face and Body brush, which I used yesterday to test the Berry. It was quite reasonably priced and I thought that it would do a great job of applying the powders.

The Chestnut is a bronzy brown palette with the beautiful, intricate maple leaf design. This compact is also highly pigmented but because of it's bronze tone, it's not quite as stark as the Berry. However, because of the bronzy tone, the gold shimmers show up much more than my own personal preference. I think that if I were to use this over my face the way I do my HG bronzer, I would definitely end up looking like a disco ball. For me, this is best used as a highlighter. I think that the berry tone in the Berry compact really tones down the gold shimmer.

Berry on left, Chestnut on right

Rica of Icyswirls recommended in her comment yesterday to try using MAC 187 brush to apply since it applies quite lightly. Since I bought the Face and Body brush from The Body Shop, I decided to do a test comparison between all the brushes.

Yesterday I used the MAC 168SE by lightly doing one swirl over the compact. It was a big shock to see how much color was appliled to my cheek. (SE is the same as the regular brushes but they were a special brush set, in which the brush handles are shorter). I tried The Body Shop Face and Body brush, which I thought applied it lightly in the store, but it applied it just about as heavily as MAC 168SE. I then used MAC 187SE as recommended by Rica and it applied it quite lightly. This brush is definitely the best choice for applying this powder. Thanks for the great suggestion Rica!

Overall, I am really happy with this LE item. I definitely like the Berry much more than the Chestnut but with the holidays coming up, I can see "sparkling" it up a bit for a nice holiday look.



Nic Nic said...

They look very pigmented and sparkly! I agree, light handedly and using it sparingly should do tha trick. I actually recommend dabbing it with your stippling brush instead. That always works for me!

I recommend using a brightening kind of blush - Benefit Dandelion face powder or Maquillage Face creator in no. 66 always does the trick for me to create a natural gradient for dolly cheeks look :)

galpal.hi said...

That's exactly what I have to do Nic Nic, the MAC 187 is similar to a stippling brush but way less dense and I also stipple the blush on. I usually stipple my blush on anyway, irregardless of what blush and what brush I use.

Thanks for the tip on doing the dolly cheeks. I'll have to try it.


BV said...

oh they look very nice - I love shimmer!

AND they are popular! I might have to take a look at Body Shop...

galpal.hi said...

Good luck finding it at your The Body Shop BV.