Monday, October 1, 2012

Gift Review: Kate BB Gel Cream

The very lovely and generous Yu Ming of Beauty Box Online surprised me by sending a very lovely package. I loved everything that she sent. One of the items was Kate BB Gel Cream in OC-C.

If you're a long-time reader of this blog, then you'll remember how BB cream crazy I was. It was frustrating to find a BB cream that I liked but not the right BB cream to match my skintone.

When I first tried out this BB cream, my first reaction was, "Oh-oh, it's going to be too light". As you can see, it's quite a bit lighter than my hand. My hand is naturally a little bit darker than my face but I thought it was quite a significant color difference.

Keeping an open mind and remembering that most foundations and BB creams oxidize on me, with BB creams significantly oxidizing on me, I applied Kate BB Gel Cream as I normally would apply my foundation. It was a little bit lighter than I would normally wear but I went about my normal day and found that it did oxidize and to a color that matches me quite nicely. How quickly it oxidizes depends on how hot the temperature is. One day it was really hot and the color turned quite quickly.

The coverage is actually really nice--buildable to medium coverage, I think. I do find that the more you apply, the chance of it starting to look cakey increases with this BB cream.

For the sake of being able to show you how well this BB cream works on me, I applied makeup to half of my face one day.

My prepped bare face:

Kate BB Gel Cream freshly applied. You can see the significant color difference.

This picture was actually taken around 10 hours after application. Yes! I actually forgot and walked around all day with my face only half done!

As luck would have it, this day turned out to be an overcast, rainy and cool day. As you can see, the BB cream did oxidize a bit, blending in with my skin tone.

The really nice thing about this BB cream is the color tone--it's not too yellow, which is very common in Japanese BB creams, nor is it too ashy with a grayish tinge. My skin tone is more pink than yellow so for this BB cream to match up well on me is quite exciting. I also like that it's fragrance free.

One thing that I must say is that I have to use a primer/makeup base before applying the BB cream. In fact, I must use primer no matter what foundation I use because my makeup will not last. For the purposes of this post, I used Missha BB Boomer, which has been my primary primer for the summer.

Thank you Yu Ming for this wonderful gift! I've been using it every day for several weeks now.



zoe said...

nice review

BeautyGeekUK said...

Sounds great! I wonder if it'll arrive on UK shores any time soon :)

I know what you mean about needing to use a primer; I rarely remember but when I do it makes 'such' a difference xx

Blair said...

I'm guessing this BB cream won't suit me colour-wise. I'm way more yellow toned than you. Thanks for the review, Kat!

Beauty Box said...

Hi Kat, I was a little unsure to get you the darkest shade OC-D or OC-C so I'm glad that OC-C sort of works out for you. It's so tricky isn't it when base makeup oxidizes. If I sent you the OC-D, it may be too dark for you after oxidizing! I like that this BB cream is quite skin-like too... I'm also a bit like you, I have a smidgen of pink under tone to my skin and some yellow based foundies/bb creams are too yellow for me too...that's why I love this bb cream!

galpal.hi said...

@zoe--Thank you for reading and commenting!


galpal.hi said...

@BeautyGeekUK--If you get Japanese makeup items, then it just might land on your shores! In the humidity here in Hawaii, I definitely have to use a primer or else everything just melts away.


galpal.hi said...

@Blair--I just took a look at Ichibankao and noticed that there is only OC colors so most likely might not be yellow-toned enough for you.


galpal.hi said...

@Beauty Box--Thank you so much again! The color is actually just about perfect and I'm loving using it.