Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gift Review: Fashionista Blush Plus A Couple of Creative Ideas

As I was preparing for my current trip, I really wanted to try to pack all ofmy makeup into my Freestyle Magnetic Palette. In the past, I've used the NARS Orgasm blush that I have in there, which I use to help with concealing. During my trip to Japan, I found that I really wanted to use another blush other than Orgasm and ended up purchasing a couple of blush at Daiso. Remembering this, I went in search of a blush that I could depot and use as I wasn't too keen on depotting my Daiso blush just yet. I found a Fashionista blush in my stash. It's a UK brand, I think, and I know that it was given to me as a gift, but I don't remember how long ago and by who. It's really a neat blush as it pops out of the case, although still encased in the plastic base.

The color is Cinnamon Spice #2.

Using my heat gun method, I depotted it, added a magnet and label to the back and placed it into my magnetic palette.

The blush itself is really nicely pigmented. The powder is on the soft side so it picks up a lot of color easily. I found that this color is really pretty on and it gives a nice flushed look.

I'm so glad that I decided to give this blush a try and that it depotted very nicely.

In my last post I wrote that I would post about a creative idea. In a previous creative idea post I wrote about using the Swifter Dry Refill sheet as a covering inside of a palette and it helps to pick up the stray and loose powders from pans of shadows that you have used. That post is here. Remember the little pack of cut up Swifter sheets in my travel makeup bag? Well, I discovered that if I keep a little piece of it by me when I'm applying makeup, I can tap my brush on it to take off excess and loose powders on my brush before applying the makeup. It has helped with eyeshadow fallout. It has also helped me with highly pigmented colors, which can get packed onto your brush. I also tend to pick up blush color with a heavy hand so being able to tap off some of the color onto the Swifter Dry refill sheet helps me to avoid excessive color. All I do is pick up color, whether eyeshadow or blush and stipple tap it on the Swifter a couple of times.

All I need is a small rectagular piece, similar in size to a cosmetic puff rectangle.

When I traveled to Japan, one thing that I found is that there isn't great lighting in Japanese homes. I found it difficult to apply makeup the way that I normally do because it not bright enough for me. Thinking about this for next time, I really didn't want to pack and lug around my lighted mirror so I played around a bit and came up with trying out a gooseneck clip on book light. I ended up with the Hello Kitty one because it uses regular AAA batteries. There was another one that I wanted to try but it used those little button type batteries and I didn't want to fuss with those.

I clip it onto the top of my mirror and angle it to my preference for how I like my lighting to be. It works well enough but it's definitely not perfect. Hopefully I can search around some more to see if I can find another clip on light that I like but for now, it works. My mirror is a stand alone mirror. It's really thin so it's great for traveling. I have a tissue in front of the mirror so that I could take a picture without the flash reflecting off. You can see a slightly better picture of the mirror in the previous post. I'll be putting this to a good test this week so I'll report back on how well it worked.


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