Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kat's False Eyelash Adventures

I used to wear false eyelashes regularly when I was in college but haven't done so in many, many years. I found that as I got older and started to raise a family, it was just another thing that I needed to do in the morning that took time, something of which I had little of being busy with 3 active sons. When I did try them again, I found that I didn't like the way they hooded over my eyes and kind of blocked out some light. Again, getting older, you find that you need to have thing more brightly lit to read. I recently decided to try playing around with false eyelashes again especially since now there is a great variety of styles and brands to choose from.

First up is from my previous post of Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill EOTD. I used Spring Heart 04.

The EOTD uses Eyes To Kill eyeshadows and K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner. (Sorry, I used the same EOTD pictures from that post.) This eyelash is a Japanese brand. It was actually very comfortable and I liked the included glue. The spine was nice and pliable and held the curve nicely. I found the lashes to be a little too long to comfortably wear during the day at work, especially since I don't work in an office and my work dress is pretty casual.

Red Cherry #747XS

This EOTD uses the pink and browns from the Tarte Starlet palette and K-Palette eyeliner. This was a really inexpensive pair of lashes--only $1.99. It's made in Indonesia. I like wispier lashes but those usually come with a clear spine. Like Spring Heart, the spine was very pliable and held the curve. For the price, these were very comfortable.

MAC (I can't find a number for it)

EOTD was using Jill Stuart 08 Dazzling Moon eyeshadow palette and K-Palette eyeliner. I bought these eyelashes a couple of years ago because my favorite Dior counter SA (no longer there) did my makeup for a mini school reunion that I attended with Mai. While I was wary, she said that these wouldn't be uncomfortable to wear and she was right! I have to admit that it's only the 3rd time that I'm wearing it since I purchased it that long ago. The spine on this is thin but quite stiff and doesn't hold a curve. That makes it a little difficult to apply the lashes since it's straight. I have to admit, though, that this is my favorite pair of lashes because it's the most natural looking. The length of it is similar to the length of my natural lashes. Too bad it's the most expensive of them all.

Missha Dolly Eyelash A-114

EOTD is done using Dior 804 Extase Pinks eyeshadow palette and 186 Ultra Violet eyeshadow single and K-Palette eyeliner. I actually bought these a few years ago from a store that is no longer around. I liked the length of the lashes since they are shorter, almost the length of my natural lashes. The spine on this was stiff and didn't curve like the MAC lashes. I think that they are also a little thicker so I felt that these were probably the most uncomfortable of all the lashes I tried.

As you can see from my pictures, I had to cut quite a bit of excess length of the lashes to fit my lids. Unfortunately I have to cut quite a bit so this changes the eyelash style a bit, especially if they normally taper down at the ends. This just goes to show you how small my eyes are. It's no wonder that I couldn't get those darned circle eye lenses in when I tried. The post is somewhere in my blog. 

I also think that when I use false eyelashes, it makes my eyelds look like I have hooded lids. When Jen from From Head To Toe wears lashes, her eyes look much bigger. Speaking of which, I found it ironic that as I got ready to start typing this I found a new blog post by Jen of From Head to Toe on "How To Apply False Eyelashes". Please check it out!

Do you wear false eyelashes? Please share with me your favorites.



Jen said...

An amazing variety of lashes you've tried! I have yet to delve into the more expensive of lashes (i usually stick to the Japanese branded ones or the typical clear spine 10pk ones you can get off eBay). I think my favourites are the Eyemazing 'sweet' lashes - thicker in the middle and more sparse on the ends. I have to cut mine quite a bit too!

galpal.hi said...

@Jen--Thank you for your comment and for telling me what your favorite ones are. I'll try and find those to try out. I can't even remember what I paid for the MAC lashes but I do know that they weren't cheap. It is my favorite ones though. I haven't tried a whole lot brands but will try to be more adventurous and try out more. Think I'll be sticking with the inexpensive ones though.


Beauty Box said...

I like the first look you did - very natural and flattering! I love watching Jen from From Head To of my fave YT gurus :)

Anonymous said...

I think all the looks great on you - love the first one! I am totally not a false lash wearer.. think I'm just lazy, plus they always seem to look wonky on me.. I prefer apply them onto other people :P hehe

Blair said...

Loved them all except for Missha (it looks fake and stiff) but Red Cherry takes the icing! I was in love with false lashes a year back? and during that period, I used Taiwanese lashes. Perhaps you can give them a go? Princess Lee would be a good choice unless you're iffy about using human hair

galpal.hi said...

@Yu Ming--I agree, Jen of From Head to Toe is one of my favorite bloggers and YT gurus. I like the fact that she's so down to earth too.


galpal.hi said...

@Nic Nic--I used to wear false eyelashes every day when I was in college but now just don't seem to like them. It was a great experiment to try and perhaps I'll keep on trying if I see lashes that appeal to me. It's nice to do now since there are a lot of inexpensive ones around.


galpal.hi said...

@Blair--Thank you for your thoughts. I agree, the Missha one was really stiff. It looked so pretty and kind of natural in the case but wearing it was a whole different story. Thank you for the suggestion of Princess Lee lashes. Will look into them.