Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What's In My Travel Beauty Bag(s)

I know that I've done this post before but decided to do another one as it's good reference for me for the next trip(s) I take.

As you are reading this, I'm either on the airplane or already landed in Las Vegas, an at least yearly trip--sometimes more than once a year.

Here's what's packed in my carry on bag:

In the burgundy bag:

Travel brush set, a Hello Kitty x Liberty set. This was a gift from a lovely blogger. I finally get to use it! Cotton puffs and Swifter sheets, Freestyle Magnetic Palette, sample powder foundation, some mini spoons, loose powder compact and toothbrush. I actually forgot my toothbrush the last time I went to Vegas! In my next post, I will explain about the Swifter sheets, it's another creative idea thing. I also need to add to this bag my eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder.

Brush roll:

This holds almost all of my daily use brushes. I actually have another brush roll that I use too but will be giving it to my mom since she wants one. By the way, these are made and sold by Yumeko of Bittenbefore and her blog shop Tezaiku. The shop is on hiatus for the month of October but please be sure to check it out next month. I'm going to have to order another brush roll since I'm giving my mom the other one, which is the really pretty one.


I pack my Clarisoni Mia in a bottle holder. I've taken the Clarisonic Plus with me and it fits in there too but decided to use Mia for traveling purposes.

Plastic Quart-Sized Ziploc Bag:

With the new TSA travel regulations, my liquid and gel items need to be packed into the ziploc bag. It's mostly skin care items that I don't want to be without just in case my luggage gets lost. All of them are mini size or samples. I forgot to include in the picture my concealer and small bottle of toner.

Freestyle Magnetic Palette:

I will be doing a review in the next post of the blush. (It's in the top left corner.)  I did a bit of depotting for this trip.

Packed in my suitcase:

Flat Iron:

Mini travel flat iron packed into a thermal bottle holder. This was also made by Yumeko.

In the black floral bag:

The majority of my skin care items as well as some hair items. I did include the mini Morrocan Oil bottle but I found a sample packet of Tsubaki hair oil, so I switched it out. For my skin care, I usually buy the trial-size set of the Noevir skin care line that I like but I decided to pack and use all of the sample packets of skin care that I have. Hopefully I don't react to anything, although it's rare that I do. I packed the sample packets by what they are into small ziploc bags and labeled it.

Light Blue Foldout Bag:

I did the pictures by the section. Lowest level:

I have a magnified mirror in there with my toothpaste and blue paper towels.

Middle section:

I found a trial set of my Noevir skin care and decided to throw that in there just in case I do react to something from my sample packet set. Wet Ones to do daily quick cleaning of brushes and Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes.

Top section:

It's just a pair of scissors to cleanly cut open the sample packets. I always carry these scissors when I travel and it's come in handy for other things as well. Some extra mini ziploc bags and hanging clips.

I also packed my pink mirror and there's a Hello Kitty aspect to it. I will explain that in the next post as it's also a creative idea thing.

Take care everyone and I'll be back next week.


Note: This is a scheduled post


Beauty Box said...

I have the same shade of pink for my Clarisonic mia too!! Enjoy Vegas!!!

galpal.hi said...

@Yu Ming--Mai gave me the Mia. It's great for traveling. I use the Clarisonic Plus at home with an occasional use of the Mia at home but I save it mostly for traveling.

Vegas was fun!


Anonymous said...

you're every bit organised as I thought you'd be! You pack so efficiently ;) Thanks for sharing, Kathy!

galpal.hi said...

@NicNic--Thank you for your sweet comment. I've only gotten to be more organized about my packing since I started traveling every year with my mom. I used to just haphazardly throw things into my suitcase. Haha!