Thursday, September 27, 2012

Not So Recent and Recent Hauls

Normally I don't write a haul post unless I have a product review to go with it but since I've been in such a non-purchasing mode, I decided to do a haul write up.

First up is 3 separate purchases that I made from the same vendor but it was a couple of months ago, at least. I'm finally doing a post about it. I really wanted to write this one up because everything about it is LOVE!!! This vendor that I'm talking about is Yasumi from The Fushigi Shop. She creates 99.9% of what she sells in her shop. Most of the time, she calls her creations "fings" and they beautiful pieces. Located in the UK she mail orders to customers around the world. I've had only the best shopping experience from The Fushigi Shop. Please do check her out.

I first purchased a pair of earrings from her and was so impressed by her packaging when I received it in the mail. First of all, it comes packaged in a lovely vintage-style package.

When you open the package, there is an absolutely stunning black box.

Your lovely purchased piece is lovingly placed in the box. This is the first piece that I purchased from Yasumi, a pair of earrings.

Each piece has a name but I forgot the names of the pieces that I purchased.

I then later purchased a necklace which I couldn't resist.

I thought that it would match nicely with the earrings that I purchased.

Then about a week later, she created a stunning swarovski bracelet that I had to have!

I love blingy bracelets! As hard as I tried, I couldn't capture the brilliance of these pieces on camera.

On all of the jewelry pieces, you can click on the picture to view it in a larger format.

Thank you Yasumi for the awesome service and beautifully created pieces that I received from you!

While I was shopping around for some CP items for another blogger, I came across two makeup items that I couldn't resist. Maybe since I'm feeling better, my purchasing mojo is coming back.

First is Milani Face Illuminating Powder.

I don't normally wear highlighting powders much but I just couldn't resist how pretty this was. I've used it a few times and really like it! It's not overly shimmery and gives just a hint of highlighting, which I like.

L'Oreal's Project Runway 2012 collection finally got released here and when I saw limited edition eyeshadow in The Mystic Gaze palette, I just had to have it!

Beautiful jeweled colors, which I normally associate with winter more than fall. These are my kind of colors! Unfortunately, upon using it only once, I didn't like it. The purple and blue colors turned out so similar on me that there really wasn't any color distinction. I also found that these applied very streakily on me. Perhaps it's a sign that I don't evenly apply my eyelid primer but I haven't had problems with other eyeshadows that I use.

Lastly, I was at an expo and there was a vendor there selling press-on nails. While I've bought press-on nails from the drugstore and didn't like them, these really intrigued me. There were many designs and styles and I liked the fact that it could be customized to fit me. I have really small fingernails that they are like a child's so I often have problems with artificial nails. After talking with the vendor a while, I decided to take the plunge and purchased a set.

I ended up purchasing one of the most popular sets that it's difficult to keep in stock. What also sets these nails apart from drugstore brands, besides the price, is that they are from Japan. From what she told me, and perhaps I was gullible since I don't know for sure, is that they are VERY popular in Japan. It was made popular more so because a Japanese celebrity is known for using it and it was used in a movie. The press-on nails that I've used from the drugstore have used either 2-way sticky strips or nail glue to apply the nails. These have never worked well on me and at least one inevitably goes flying off somewhere. These are already backed with some kind of sticky residue and after each use, before you apply it again, you will need to brush on a sticky glue. I played with it on one hand a bit and must say that it is really super-strength sticky! It adhered well and stayed that way until I took it off. One thing to remember with this is that you put it on like you would jewelry. You shouldn't keep it on all the time, bathe with it or even wash dishes with it. Perhaps that's the only thing that I didn't like about it as when I do a manicure, I like to just leave it and go and forget about it till I need to do my mani again.

This was pricey but if you are to use it only for when you go out, it should last for at least a couple of years. I figured that for the price of a dozen Incoco and Sally Hansen nail strip packets, this ends up being a better value in the long run.

The vendor here in Hawaii is Kalana Hawaii. I like that I can go back and have her clean the nail tips (for a fee) if it gets too gunked up with the glue. I may go back and purchase another set that it more of an everyday type of manicure. I must say that I love bling though.

I'm looking forward to the weekend as I'll be meeting up with Nunu of Macnunu!



K said...

LOVE the stuff from Yasumi!

I use the press on nails too, especially when I go to weddings. Thanks for sharing that you like them - I need to find a set for you from a certain brand that I like! It might be better to put some top coat on the blingy ones since I've lost some stones before!

galpal.hi said...

@K--Yasumi's creations are so wonderful! Thank you for the tip about using top coat!

So glad that you are back in Japan!


Old Cow said...

Thank you thank you from my heart for mentioning me on your blog!! Glad you like your items xx

galpal.hi said...

@Old Cow--I love my purchases from you. I wore the earrings out on several occasions already!