Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gift Review: Marcelle BB Cream

A few months or so ago, the very lovely Sheila of Maddy Loves gifted me with her favorite base makeup at this time. It is the Marcelle BB Cream. She sent me the Medium to Dark shade.

It is a Canadian brand. I haven't tried any BB creams other than asian brands so it was quite nice to try something new. I can see why this is her favorite base makeup.

Face primed and concealed:

Half of face with BB cream applied (side with red check):

As you can see, there is a slight color difference. Not easily noticeable.

BB Cream applied to whole face:

Makeup compeletely done:

My thoughts on this BB cream:

I love the consistency and coverage of this BB cream. I also like the color tone of it as it's not too yellow nor is it too pink on me. The finished look that I got with this BB cream is very smooth. It didn't settle into fine lines at all and actually made them look like they weren't even there! I was able to wear this for pretty much close to 10 hours with no touching up. It was also nicely hydrating. I also like that it comes in a pump dispenser. Very sanitary.

The shade of Medium to Dark is just slightly too dark when applied but would be very much wearable. Unfortunately, it does oxidize on me after an hour or so and I was way too dark. If this came in shade Medium it probably would be perfect on me. I think that it only has a Light to Medium shade though and I know that would end up being too light on me. I'm thinking that I will probably have to mix the two shades together to get a good match for me.

Thank you Sheila for this gift! I can see why this is your favorite makeup base at the moment. I'm totally blown away by the finish of it. I might ask you to CP the lighter color for me.


Addendum: Just received a gift of another BB cream that the color might be slightly too light. I will have to paly with it to see how the shade works out first. If it does end up being a little too light,  I will try and mix the two and see what happens.


Sheila said...

yay I'm glad you like the formula. Boo that the colour is too dark. I'll get you the light coloured one in my next package for sure!

Fannie said...

Hi Kat, I live in Toronto and I've seen this product in almost every drugstore close to my home. I've been extremely curious about it and after reading this review I'm even more curious. Will likely pick this up now and it will also be my first non asian BB cream. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

It looks really natural on you Kathy! Too bad it's a little dark on you. I hope you're keeping well!