Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Review: YSL Touche Blush

Last month I received a love package from Lisa of Makeup and Life and it was an enormously generous love package. I was immensely touched by her generosity and it really helped to brighten my mood as it arrived at at time of some stress from worrying about my son and his fiancee who live in Fukushima.

One of the items that I received was the YSL Touche Blush in #5 Black Current. I have never owned anything YSL, which is indeed a very elegant line of products.

This blush is a powder blush that is so luxurious and ultra-fine. The unique packaging of it combines the powder with a puff which is supposed to allow you to apply the powder with a "luminous and natural glow".

The net weight of it is 0.15 oz./4.5g. #5 Black Current is a beautiful dark berry color. Berry is a color that I used to use a long time ago but haven't used dark colors in recent years. It is very much pigmented and I think this would be lovely to wear when going out at night. The powder is indeed ultra-fine and glides on beautifully. I did have some problems applying it with the puff since I've used only brushes to apply any type of powders in years and years. I also think that my problem with using the puff is that it was the first time using it so it hasn't even spread throughout the puff. Personally I think that it's a huge waste of this luxurious powder blush to squeeze it into the puff as the puff is quite thick. I will open it up and use the powder sparingly. There is a lot of product in the container and since it's a dark color and highly pigmented, I will be using only a little at a time. This will probably last me for the rest of my life!

Thank you again Lisa for such a wonderful surprise!



Brianna said...

What a nice surprise! I think the color looks beautiful on you! :)

sugar sugar said...

yay for blogger love. this is such a pretty blush with amazing packaging. :3

i think it gives you a nice luminous glow! =) again, very pretty. x)

Blair said...

Black Current looks fabulous on you!!! I can't imagine how such a dark colour will look on my cheeks, my blushes are all cutesy colours

Lisa said...

I was very impressed with the SKII Facial Treatment Essence (, enough so that I have continued to use the product daily as part of my skin care routine after the test period. It's a luxury purchase to be sure, but this is one of the best products that can really make a significant difference in your skin, and so worth every penny.

I applied the treatment each morning and evening after cleansing my skin and before moisturizer/primer and then makeup. Within just a few days I could see that my skin was much more supple and smooth - particularly in the t-zone. After about two weeks, I loved the beautiful glow my skin had - even without makeup.

Catmare said...

Wow! I love it! I'm a sucker for cute packaging. And the color looks nice. Makes me wanna buy me some YSL blush =/

coffretgorge said...

i wanted to buy this for my sister before. my elder sis is lazy when it comes to makeup so i thought this will help her get her blush without the fuss (lol it rhymed) but i agree, the sponge thingy is so thick it wastes a lot of precious powder pigments! long story short, i bought her the cream de blush instead and she finished it! :D

Lisa is super you! ;)

Jian said...

Indeed a lovely surprise to take your mind of things for a while. Please let us know how the situation is with your son and Nana-san. Praying that everything can only get better from now.

The blush is a beautiful colour on the cheek! I only have one YSL touche blush too, it's orange and sparkly! So I haven't used it much. When I do use it, I use it with the puff and I still have tonnes left!!!

Anonymous said...

Really like this rich colour on you! The sheen is pretty! Sorry I havent responded your email yet >_< Hopefully wil get back to you by today - you me and my gazillion email accounts >_< have a lovely weekend Kathy!

BV said...

I think this colour looks beautiful on you! I'd hardly ever tried to use YSL and now I'm wondering why!
Lovely gift and look!

galpal.hi said...

Thank you everyone! It really is a luxurious blush and so highly pigmented!

I had a dinner to go to tonight and I used this blush. I thought that I had applied only a little to my brush but it was still way too much so I ended up with clown cheeks!!! I used a cotton ball to try to pick up any extra color and then used Guerlain Meteorites Pearls to try to tone down the color. I haven't used the Meteorite Pearls at all since I got it except to swatch it once. I'm so glad that I thought about using it because it did help.


Jennifer said...

berry colored blushes brings sophistication to a makeup look <3 I'm interested in the blush product design here, but i imagine the puff cannot be cleaned?

galpal.hi said...

@Jennifer--I don't think that the puff can be cleaned, which is another thing that bothers me.


Steph said...

that looks amazing on you~~~
the puff does seem like a difficult applicator

lol "it'll last you a life time"

galpal.hi said...

@Steph--Thank you! It really is a lovely blush but so difficult to apply properly, whether with the sponge applicator pouff or with a brush because it is so highly pigmented.