Monday, April 4, 2011

Checking in and UD News

I went MIA this weekend because I decided to take a mini vacation. I spent Friday afternoon and evening and part of Saturday morning preparing meals for the weekend and then locked myself in one of the rooms and went on a drama binge, which didn't end until midnight on Sunday. I disabled all of my mobile alerts and kept my cell phone on silent and checked it only on occasion. I also kept the computer off except for a couple of times when I felt that I should check email. I did make a couple of comments on a couple of blogs but didn't do much more than that. I do have to go through and catch up on reading and commenting on everyone's blogs though.

It was a good break for me to do just mindless watching of dramas (mostly Japanese) and is something that I haven't done in a long while.

I'm sure that it's been blogged about on a lot of blogs already but hey, like the Geico commercial asks, "What, do you live under a rock?"--yeah, I have been this past weekend. I got an email from Sephora and was excited to see their new, exclusive product. Many people have complained about the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion being in that genie bottle. Well, they will now be carrying it in a squeeze tube!

Picture from Sephora website

Original, Eden, Greed and Sin will be the different colors available. $19.00 for 0.37 oz of product as compared to $18.00 for .034 oz of product in the genie bottle.

Since this is a new product, I'm quite sure it won't be in my local Sephora yet and probably won't be for a couple of weeks. If anyone who doesn't have access to a Sephora would like this, I'd be happy to help you purchase it. Please just email me and let me know.



Jian said...

Hi Kat! Gosh, I don't blame you at all for having some proper me-time! I think everyone needs that once in a while! How is the ash these days? Any more headaches?

The UD in the tube really IS exciting. I don't know if they're going to release them in the UK..I should really find out!!

heartbreaker said...

Glad that you took some time off to get some rest from everything else.Hope that you are doing okay. Take care Kat! :D

And OOOH,finally UD is releasing their primer potion in a squeeze tube which I think is much easier to use compared to its genie bottle which I read that it dries up really fast and people will cut it open and depot it lol.

coffretgorge said...

having some ME time is important especially for hard-working ladies like you Kat! :) im glad you had some time to relax and unwind, getting your drama fix is a great way to escape real life for a bit. ;)

im sure all the UDPP lovers appreciate the packaging revamp! no more cutting the genie tube! :) *im still thankful for your UDPP gift, i always think about you when i see them <3

Brianna said...

I am glad you took some time out for yourself, I think that is something we all need from time to time. :)

Do you know if this packaging is perm? I ran out of UDPP that came with the naked palette so I have been using my paint pots, will be nice to buy this once I get to the US.

galpal.hi said...

@Jian--Thank you! I really enjoyed my drama marathon! I watched the full series of Haken no Hinkaku, and watched part of Quartet (Japanese dramas), Watched It Started With a Kiss (which I already watched before but I enjoy this so much) and Black and White (both Taiwanese dramas, I think.)


galpal.hi said...

@heartbreaker--Thank you, I'm really doing quite well.

Yes, I think that I will really like the squeeze tube although the genie bottle hasn't really bothered me much.


galpal.hi said...

@coffretgorge--Aaawwww, that is so sweet of you! If you find that you really like the UDPP, please let me know if you ever want me to purchase it for you. I'd be happy to.


galpal.hi said...

@Brianna--I'm pretty sure that it's permanent. It seems that it's going to be sold exclusively at Sephora though, according to Sephora's website. I checked my local Sephora yesterday and it still wasn't there.


Steph said...

ohhhh i've seen it in the LARGE tubes, but not this size yet..
so i guess i live under a rock XD LOL

Anonymous said...

it sounds as though you had a great weekend... i think everyone needs to be away from the computer every now and then! finally the UDPP in a squeezable bottle!

BV said...

Kat - you certainly deserve a mini-break! Hope you feel happy and refreshed! How annoyed was I to see this? I bought el jumbo sized UDPP last year and now I feel obligated to just use that up for the next 1,000 years instead of trialing out these new babies. Life hey. Hope you are well!!!

galpal.hi said...

@Steph--LOL! Sometimes it's kind of nice to live under a rock--less temptations that way.


galpal.hi said...

@Nic Nic--Welcome back home to Japan! Sorry that you got the welcome back that you did late last night (7.0 aftershock! Wow!)


galpal.hi said...

@BV--I resisted the super duper-sized UDPP for exactly that reason--that I'd be using it for a kazillion years. I'm just happy that they have it in other colors and not just the original.