Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: Neuma Hair Care Line

I had written a few weeks ago that I was in search of a new hair care line because my hair is seriously damaged. I decided to go with a more "natural" hair care line that is free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, GMOs and triclosan. I decided to try the Alterna Caviar line because it is anti-aging. I tried both the volume and moisturizing lines.

My main concern with using a more natural hair care line is the fact that it will probably not lather up nicely. I had no problems with either line lathering up nicely. While both lines worked nicely on my hair, I felt that it got oily too quickly--by the next day and I am not willing to wash my hair every night. I really like the dry shampoo. I had purchased the travel sizes and it was great for trying.

I had received a sample packet of another line called Neuma. I tried it and really liked it a lot. I use the moisture line from this brand. I was able to pick up a set at the trade show recently and the set contained Shampoo (10.1 fl oz/300 ml), Conditioner (8.5 fl oz/250 ml), Argan Treatment (2.4 fl oz/70 ml), Smoothing Cream (6.8 fl oz/200 ml) and Style Extender (8.5 fl oz/250 ml). The set was on special for $79.00.

I can use only about a half dollar-sized dollop for the first shampooing and get a good lather. After rinsing, I then use a small pea-sized dollop and get a lot of lather. I use about a half dollar-sized dollop of the moisturizer. After towel drying my hair, I use 3 pumps of the argan treatment before combing out my hair. The comb runs through my hair like butter! It's been years and years since I've been able to comb out my hair with it feeling like that. I then blow dry my hair and apply a pea-sized dollop of smoothing cream when done. The next morning I apply the style extender by spraying it on my hands and apply it to my hair. I then flat iron and top off with more smoothing cream.

Even with using all of these products in my hair, it isn't weighed down. My hair is already starting to look a little healthier and is even less frizzy after blow drying. I need to trim the ends of my hair soon. The only thing that I don't like much about this line is the scent. It has some lavender essence and I'm not a fan of lavender scents. I will also use my L'Occitane Shine Hair Mask since it is also a natural line and has lavender in it. My scalp also has not gotten irritated by it like it has with some other brands that I've tried.
For now, I'm really happy with the Neuma line.


heartbreaker said...

glad that it works for you ^^

galpal.hi said...

@heartbreaker--Thank you!

Steph said...

sounds and looks great!!!
love your hair~ the coloring is beautifully done =] on purpose or grow out?
awwww =[ why'd you white out your face??? you're so pretty!!!
(i remember from nic nic's blog)

galpal.hi said...

@Steph--Thank you so much. It's actually grown out so my roots are showing but the coloring is pretty much how I get it colored. There is actually three colors used in my hair.

You are too sweet! My face was not made up at the time that I took the picture. Scary, no makeup face. LOL!


BV said...

Oh, your hair looks GREAT. Um.. I am now interested in this brand!! I cut my hair a few months ago (was getting incredibly long)so my hair is in a pretty good state but this brand looks great.

Quick question - how is the smell...?

galpal.hi said...

@BV--Thank you so much! I'm really liking this line a lot and it's nice to know that it's more of a natural hair care system.

The smell is okay--it's lavender scented. Not the sweet perfumey kind of scent but the herbal lavender scent. I'm not a big fan of the herbal lavender scent but I can live with it.