Saturday, October 16, 2010

UD Book of Shadows III Review and EOTD

As soon as I had seen the various announcements of Urban Decay's Book of Shadows III that was to be released, I knew that I wanted it. I put my name on the waiting list at Sephora before even the SA knew what it was--approximately 1 1/2 months ago. I guess that I was first on the list. I got a phone call on Thursday that my palette was in and I picked it up yesterday.

The colors in the palette are so pretty. I know that most of you have already seen the palette's packaging so I didn't take any pictures of it. The theme of it is New York and the top portion of it does pop up when you open the lid and the NY Silhouette lights up. My lid doesn't stay open and I think that it's because they didn't give enough leeway on the ribbon that is supposed to keep the lid up. I don't really care about that though since I'm not interested in that part of the palette. It is actually quite heavy with this design and I would have been happier to have just the makeup part of it in perhaps a nicer, smaller case. If you still want to see pictures of it, please email me to let me know and I'll do another post with just the design portion of the palette.

For today's EOTD, I decided to test out this set.

Products used:

From Book of Shadows III--Suspect, Smog, Last Call, Rockstar, Perversion. Bordello and Maui Wowie
K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner
Canmake Gokubuto and Gokunobi mascara

After prepping my eye with UDPP in Eden, I applied Suspect from creaseline to browbone as a base. Last Call is applied from lashline to creaseline. Rockstar is applied from lashline to creaseline on outer half of eyelid. Smog is used just above creaseline at mid eye and blended toward inner and outer eye. Perversion is applied to outer corner of upper eyelid in "v" shape. Rockstar is applied to outer half of lower lashline and Maui Wowie is applied to inner half of lower lashline. Bordello is lightly applied to brow bone. I curled my eyelashes and usually when I do curl them, I also apply a mascara base to keep them nicely curled but I forgot this morning. K-Palette eyeliner on upper lashline and outer half of lower lashline. Gokubuto mascara is applied on upper lashes and then layered with Gokunobi mascara. Gokunobi mascara is also used on lower lashes.

I found that this palette of eyeshadows isn't as soft as the NAKED palette, which works out much better for me as I tend to pick up too much eyeshadow with the NAKED palette and get a lot of fallout. I didn't get any fallout using these shadows today. I was worried that Last Call would me look like my eyelids were red with an irritation because it seems to be a warm-toned color but I think that I managed to balance it out with the other colors. I've also read that many people complain about Maui Wowie being a "glitter bomb" and I was a bit worried about that too but decided to try it out anyway. I think that it worked out okay for me since I used it very lightly to line my lower lashline. I am not a big fan of glitter but I don't seem to have had any major glitter fallout, luckily.

I like the colors that I used today. Mai said that it looks nicely muted, which is definitely not me, so it's unusual that I'm liking this EOTD. I'm looking forward to trying out the other colors.