Friday, October 1, 2010

Review + EOTD: MAC Disney Mineralize Eyeshadow "My Dark Magic*

Today's EOTD will be featuring the new and LE MAC Disney Mineralize Eyeshadow "My Dark Magic". To me, this is a two-toned purple palette with some bits of glittery, shimmery silver in it.

The mineralize palettes are different colors swirled around and this creates a few other tones of color. I've been into purples lately so this was right up my alley. I'm not sure if it's just the palette that I got but this one seems to be less glittery than the "She Who Dares" palette that I got. I actually really like the fact that it is less glittery. However, who knows what's hiding under each layer of the palette.

Products used:

UDPP in Eden
Visee Blooming Eyes PU-2 palette
MAC My Dark Magic mineralize eyeshadow
K-Palette Real Lasting eyeliner
Canmake Gokubuto and Gokunobi mascaras

I decided to use UDPP Eden instead of Sin because Eden is a matte primer, verses Sin which has shimmer to it. Using the lavender shade in the Visee palette, I applied it from lashline to under eyebrows, concentrating on the inner 1/3 of upper eyelid. Trying to use mainly the mid-purple color in the MAC mineralize eyeshadow, I applied that to the mid 1/3 of upper eyelid from lashline to contour area. Grabbing the deep, dark purple color (actually looks black) I applied it to the outer 1/3 of upper eyelid from lashline into contour area and gently blending it upwards to soften any harsh lines. I then tried to load some of the shimmery silver onto the brush and dot it in the middle of my eyelid under the fold line. Again using the lavender shade in Visee palette, I lined the inner half of lower lashline and line the outer half using the mid-purple color from MAC. The silver color from Visee was used to highlight the brow bone. Lined upper lashline and outer 1/3 of lower lashline with K-Palette liner. I applied first the Gokubuto mascara, which helps to curl and somewhat volumize (not by very much) my upper eyelashes. I then used Gokunobi mascara on upper lashes, which helps to lengthen it a bit more and on the lower lashes. I like the brush from the Gokunobi mascara since it's more like a comb and helps to separate my eyelashes. It's also much easier to apply it to the lower lashline. The Gokubuto mascara's brush is kind of an hourglass shape so it's difficult for me to use it to apply to my lower lashline.

Oops, please forgive the mascara smudge! I also just realized that I didn't use the same eye.

I know that you can't get the full effect of this EOTD without seeing my full face, but that's not going to happen--sorry. I was really pleased with how this EOTD turned out. It's actually nice for an evening look since it is a bit dark, giving a smokey eye effect. I think that I was a bit too glammed up to go to work with it but I did anyway.

Note to self: No more purple eyeshadows! I think that I have enough to last the rest of my life. This mineralize eyeshadow is also quite large so it will take a long, long time before I hit pan.

Have a great weekend everyone!



thesungirl said...

I liked your blue look, but I love this purple look! It definitely suits you!

ashura said...

Hmmm since the M.A.C palette has "swirling" colors, does it make it hard to get a consistent shade of purple? I love Visee eyeshadow!! Anyway thanks for visiting my blog frequently =)

galpal.hi said...

thesungirl--I agree with you! Purples work well on me. Thanks for the compliment!


galpal.hi said...

ashura--Yes, it does make it a bit hard to get a consistent shade. However, I think that it's part of the appeal of these mineral eyeshadows. I think that it's one of the looks where you apply it and have different tones on there. I think that it can look nice but I personally haven't tried it yet.

Visee is a great brand! I'm finding though that for Japanese brand eyeshadows, I lean towards Lunasol because I think that they are the most pigmented.

Thank you for visiting too!


Anonymous said...

I really love the dark purple there, it looks very intense! The Mac mineralized dual shadow is also very shimmery but it was kinda of a dirty colour so it wasn't like a disco ball but I've experienced crazy glitter from another Mac mineralized shadow.

Aww purple is like me with browns and neutral! I hope you're have a great weekend, Kathy!