Monday, October 18, 2010

Stilla, Cle de Peau and Lancome Reviews

I've decided to do a review of several items from different lines at one time today.

I was in Sephora the other day picking up my Book of Shadows III and was shown Stilla's new primer, One Step Correct Primer.

Picture from Sephora website

I was told that this primer does everything with one product. If you notice, there are all the different colors in the bottle. It primes, color corrects, brightens and nourishes the skin. It also improves the skintone, evens out your complexion and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

It looks a bit disgusting in this picture but this is the sample container we got.

Mai and I got sample containers of it on Saturday night. When Mai applied it on to her face, I noticed an immediate difference. She said that it felt nice on. I tried it out this morning and I didn't notice any difference in my my skintone or texture. It does feel nice on and I will need to try it out more to see how it works with other BB creams and foundations that I use. I may buy this primer when I am done using my current Dior primer if it seems to work out well.

We also went to the Lancome counter in Macys and I finally was able to get a sample of the new Teint Miracle Foundation. This foundation has been 10 years in the making and has 7 international patents pending. It is supposed to recreate the true natural light of perfect skin. Your complexion is supposed to appear lit from within which is beautifully bare and flawless. The coverage on this foundation is light to medium light. It is enriched with rose extract which helps to provide 18 hours of hydration. It is oil free, non-comedogenic and has SPF 15. Again, I tried this last night over the Stilla primer and it has way too light coverage for my liking. I tried it this morning after prepping my face with the Stilla primer and using Lioele BB cream. I liked the end result! I will play around with my sample a bit more because I need to be sure of some things but I think that I may end up getting this foundation, suprising to me because it is such a light coverage foundation.

It has been really hot and humid here the past few weeks and I noticed that by mid afternoon, my foundation and BB cream makes my face have a melted look to it. I thought that perhaps I should change my BB cream from the Revlon back to Lioele since Lioele is probably the least hydrating of the 3 BB creams that I currently own and like. Unfortunately, that didn't help so I decided that I might need to use powder to set my makeup. I haven't been using powder in a year or so because it settles into my fine lines and really draws them out.

A few weeks ago I wrote about going to the Cle de Peau counter to pick up my sample of eye cream and to test out the award winning concealer. At that time, I wasn't impressed by the concealer at all. The SA/MUA also applied some powder onto my face, which I wasn't too happy with but ended up being surprised by the result of it not settling into my fine lines. I decided to go back and check out the powder again.

Image from Cle de Peau website

This translucent face powder is very finely milled and is so light. It is supposed help with oil control and yet hydrate at the same time. The transparent loose powder, case (with a sifter screen) and puff was around $105.00 but the refill, which is just the bottom part of the case is only $75.00. Since I don't use the puff, I decided to save money and go with the refill.

I have a Bare Mineral compact which I filled with the Cle de Peau powder. It works out very well.

Face with Lioele BB Cream only

Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation in Bisque 1N
Cle de Peau translucent powder over Lioele

I also asked for a sample of the concealer, which I used today. At first it seems to go on rather nicely but it didn't last on me and after several hours, it seemed to cake up on me. Definitely will stick with the Canmake concealer. I also had been given and using for several weeks, Cle de Peau Anti-Age Spot Serum. I was hoping that it would help to lighten the one dark spot on my cheek but I haven't noticed any difference. However, the serum feels really nice and I thought that I might like to try using it for a longer period of time. It's quite expensive at $155.00 but I was able to score it on ebay for about $42.00, including shipping. I hope to receive it in a week or two.



Jennifer said...

thanks for the review! I'd love to try the Stila one step primer but sadly they pulled out from Hong Kong :(!

which dior primer are you using *curious* :)?

Yumeko said...

that's good money sense to just buy the refill!
i can deifnetely see the difference!

galpal.hi said...

@Jennifer--thank you for reading and commenting. The Dior primer that I use is Capture Totale Radiance Enhancer Serum. My favorite MUA/SA recommended this as a primer. It can also be used as an alternative to foundation. It's nice but quite expensive so I don't think that I want to purchase it again.


galpal.hi said...

@Yumeko--thank you very much! I will use both high end and low end cosmetics. Saving where you can always helps.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous coverage!! the powder sounds amazing... but i think itll cost me an arm and a leg :P thanks for the review!

galpal.hi said...

@Nic Nic--Thank you! I know that it's quite expensive but at least I found a powder that will work for me. If I can find one that is cheaper and works just as well or better, I'd definitely buy it.


Lisa ♔ said...

The powder sounds amazing. i have been dying to try their foundation too, i have heard so many good raves about it.

The powder looks great on you. i am on the lookout for cle de peau items. Very good quality products. Thank you for sharing =D

ashura said...

The Stila primer looks very interesting, with so many colors! What do you mean by it feels 'nice' on? Does it make your face smooth?

What?? They pulled out from HK too?? And then I was counting on getting stuff from them this Dec in HK... SIGH sad news...

galpal.hi said...

@Lisa--Thank you! I'm definitely not a powder person any more since I got older and found that it really settled into my fine lines but this Cle de Peau powder works really well. Definitely quality items and unfortunately it does come with a quality price tag. If you know what color foundation you want to get, my recommendation is try checking out ebay. I got a brand new anti-spot serum for less than half the retail price and that's including shipping.


galpal.hi said...

@ashura--The Stila primer feels light and not sticky. I will be doing a better review in a few days but just to let you know, I'm finding that it doesn't work for me. It looked great on Mai though. I wonder if she's been using her sample and if she likes it. I'll need to ask her.