Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Surprise Announcement!

This week marks the midway point between Mai's and my birthdays. In honor of us reaching this milestone, we are hosting a giveaway to our current followers! As of right now, we have 36 followers and we are indeed grateful to all of you for following this humble blog.

We will be awarding points and every point will equal one entry ticket. On October 30th, we'll draw 2 winners. So how do you aquire points?

* You automatically have 1 point just for being a follower

* You'll get another point for commenting to this post. (You'll only get one point even if you comment multiple times.)

* One point for every correct answer to the following questions:

   * What is Kat's new baby's name?

   * What is the date and title of Mai's first blog post?

   * What is the name of Mai and Kat's favorite SA/MUA?

   * What is the one common makeup item that Mai and Kat are in search of?
     We've tried and tested several brands, one that has come close
      but is still not HG status.

Please do not post your answers here. Please email your answers to: [galpal(dot)hi@gmail(dot)com]. I will confirm receipt of your email and will also let you know your point total. Maximum Point Total is 6 points. (We can't make it too high otherwise I'd go crazy trying to keep track!)

There will be 2 prizes awarded. Each will be almost equal in size. One will be put together by Mai and one by me. Some items will have been purchased, others will be GWP that we received. All will be new and unused.

In Japan there is a New Years custom that many stores and merchants do. They put together a bag that people can purchase, known as "fukubukuro". Fukubukuro, lucky bag or mystery bag, is basically a grab bag filled with random, unknown items and sold at a great discount. At some stores, long lines form just for the chance to buy one. Our prize will be like a fukubukuro in that it will be filled with random items. There is no picture since it's a mystery bag. I will give you only this one sneak peek:

Thank you to those of you who are publically following our blog. I know that there are others who are  reading our blog but not publically following us. To you, we also thank but unfortunately, we can't include you in this giveaway. (This is available only to our current 36 followers.)

Good luck to everyone!



K said...

Wow, thanks for hosting this giveaway! I'm going to stalk your blog and try to find the answers!

thesungirl said...

o0o0 I just got home from Tokyo Disney Sea and I am such a blog junkie that I am reading this! I am excited and am just like K on this...time to hunt down those answers! ;) lol Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

Lumy said...

I'm curious about what the fukubukuro contains :) ~

Mari said...

Thank you for having the giveaway! Sadly I don't know any of the answers off the bat. We'll see if I can find out ^_^

BV said...

whoa... I only know a few of the answers! this is super fun... hehehe I am going to find out but I think I can only get about 80%.. eeks

galpal.hi said...

Hi CL!

Thanks for commenting. Can you please email your answers to me at instead of posting it here. I've already deleted your answers but have it noted down.



CL said...

I've sent you an email - thanks! :)

Blair said...


Happy birthday ladies and thank you for this giveaway!! I'm a public follower and I shall e-mail my answers to you ladies in a bit =D