Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review: Cle de Peau Anti-Age Spot Serum

As I had mentioned in a previous post here, I had tried a sample of Cle de Peau Anti-Age Spot Serum and wanted to buy a full-sized product. I scored a brand new bottle of this on ebay for approximately $42.00 USD including shipping and this is less than half the suggested retail price. I received it on Thursday, which was a really quick turn around time.

The seal is still intact on bottle so you can tell it is a brand new item.


Ingredient list

This product is supposed to help to lighten the appearance dark spots and prevent the future formation of them. It is a brightening serum that is supposed to give you even-toned clarity. I have been using the sample that I received for several weeks but haven't noticed any lightening or appearance of lightening of the one ugly spot that I have on my right cheek. I had managed to use a sample of this product for 3 weeks because I was using it only in that targeted area. While it hasn't lightened that ugly spot, I did find the serum to be lightweight, lightly but pleasantly scented, with a smooth finish to it. I have started using it on my entire face and so far, it's been a good experience. I haven't noticed any ground shattering improvements but it has worked as well as the other serums that I have used and it hasn't caused any breakouts.

Since it is pretty much similar to the other serums that I have used, I will only repurchase this again if I can score another good deal on it. Otherwise, it's not worth paying the full retail price on it, in my opinion.



Anonymous said...

I have just bought a new bottle of CdP since highly recomended by my friend who sworn by this product in lightening her brown pigment.Yet to use,so I'll review after 5 weeks from now.

However,I have almost finsihing my Lancome Absolue Bwhite spot concentrate.It adds radiance after 1 week of use but I must say it did lighten my brown spots after only 5 weeks,towards finishing end.It is more effetcive if you combine it with Lancome Genifique,which I did,much better result.

Now,my skin is radiant,glow and rosy even without foundation.I never walked out without foundation,but now I feel like skipping it and just apply Chanel primer or Laura mercier tinted moisturiser.My skin looks suprisingly good and my beautician and few others complimented my glowing and radiant skin.Suprise,suprise!!I'm quite happy,guess Lancome Absolue works much better than spot eraser,which i have kept aside.

I have just changed to Albion milk,Albion skin essential conditioner,Lancome Absolue anti spot serum,lancome genifique,Chanel Hydramax,Albion whitening cream. I love them so far after a month use...Tried sekkisei,sadly broke me out though I see some glow & whitening from using the samples.I think my skin cant accept it well..