Saturday, September 25, 2010

Review: Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream, Cle de Peau, EOTD

I didn't think that I'd be doing another BB cream review this soon since I believe that I have found a couple of BB creams that I really like. However, I was very curious about Missha BB creams having read some good things about them.

In one of my recent love packages, I received a sample combo pack of Missha M BB Boomer and M Signature Real Complete BB Cream.
The BB Boomer is a BB primer which is supposed to help the BB cream to adhere and give lasting power. It will also make your skin look brighter because it has pink pearl powder. It also is whitening and wrinkle repairing. The M Signature Real Complete BB Cream has SPF 25 PA++. There is a lot of information about what its characteristics are, which you can read about here. I believe that the same that I got was in shade 23, which is the darkest shade. I can't read Korean but that is the only number that was listed on the back of the sample pack that made any sense.

Here I have done my regular morning skin care routine, applied my Dior primer as well as the M BB Boomer. (I guess that I didn't need to apply the Dior primer.)

This is after applying the M Signature Real Complete BB Cream. I don't normally apply very much, only about a pea-sized amount. I am actually quite surprised by the great coverage that this BB cream provides. It's also a good shade for my skintone. (A MAC NC25-30)

Here I've applied Canmake concealer under my eyes and on the dark spot on my cheek. I've also finished my nose, under my nostrils, chin and from under cheekbones down to chin with powder foundation. I also dotted a little powder foundation over the dark spot on my cheek and right under my lower lashline.  Normally, I do this AFTER applying foundation on top of my BB cream. (I don't apply powder on my cheeks because I don't want it settling in and bringing out any fine lines.)

This is my finished face with blush. I am totally amazed that I had enough coverage with just this BB cream and didn't need to apply any foundation. I've never gone out with only BB cream before. The real test comes to see how well it holds up after 10 hours or more.

I had to do this "after 10 hours of wear" photo this way because the BB cream that was on my nose, under my eyes and upper part of my one cheek was removed, which will be explained later in this post.

It seems that this BB cream does hold up quite well even after more than 10 hours of wear. I'm not sure if the M BB Boomer was the reason this held up. I'll try it again using only my regular primer (I use either Dior or UDPP, depending on my mood but most often it's Dior) .

I really like this BB cream. It takes away one step of having to use foundation. I will have to think about it though because I have 3 BB creams that I am currently using, one which I just bought a backup. The other thing is the price of this BB Cream. It is $45.99 on the Missha US site. Does anyone know if it's purchased in Korea if it is a whole lot cheaper? My friends are probably going back to Korea for a quick trip next month. If it's a lot cheaper, then I could ask them to pick it up for me.

Continuing on...

The reason why part of my makeup was removed today is because I went to the Cle de Peau counter at Nordstrom. I had received a card in the mail that I could redeem for a 3 day sample of their Eye Contour Balm. At the same time, I could test out their award-winning concealer. It has been voted the Best Concealer for so many years in a row. It is makeup artists' favorite concealer. I was really excited to try this out since it's won so many awards and is loved by makeup artists.

The guy that helped me was really nice. He knew that I wanted to be able to cover the dark spot on my cheek. The concealer is a cream stick concealer in a tube. He told me that it is moisturizing so it's good for those who are concerned about hydration. The concealer feels really nice on, not heavy at all. He also applied very lightly some powder. He said that this powder is so fine that it will not settle in fine lines and is also actually hydrating. I must say that after wearing it for almost 6 hours, it does look really nice and I don't see any fine lines.

The biggest disappointment though was that it didn't cover my dark spot well at all. Even he was a bit surprised and got a little frazzled when it appeared that it wasn't going to do a good job on that stubborn spot. He even applied some cream foundation over it and while it looked better, it is still visible.

The first picture is using CanMake Cover & Stretch Concealer and the 2nd picture is with the Cle de Peau concealer. With the CanMake concealer, it is barely visible, while with the Cle de Peau it is much more visible. Actually, in the picture, it looks better than in person. I think that I'll stick with CanMake, which is priced around $11.00 or so. The Cle de Peau is $70.00.

To finish off this post, here's an EOTD that I did using my Dior 5-Colours Extase Pink palette, both Gokunobi and Gokubuto mascaras and K-Palette Real Lasting eyeliner. Blush was Lunasol but I can't remember which color and I can't get the refill to pop out. For my lips, I used MAC Lustre lipstick--Sweetie.



thesungirl said...

I am still unclear what BB creams really are! My understanding is they are like tinted moisturizers? Glad to see that the canmake concealer coud beat out even an expensive one! :)

galpal.hi said...

thesungirl--I think that BB creams are probably like tinted moisturizers but for the most part offer more coverage. Then again, some have very little coverage and are definitely similar to a tinted moisturizer. I think that it all depends on the consistency. Also, BB creams can also not be very moisturizing. Am I confusing you even more? I'm confusing myself. LOL!

Yeah, I'm glad that the Canmake concealer is doing a great job.


BV said...

Hi Kat

I will check out the Missha shop in Sydney for you and see how much they are. $46 is effing outrageous! I have found the Missha prices in Sydney reasonable so I will let you know!

Good coverage btw! I think samples are important and we should get more of them! hehehe
Talk soon

galpal.hi said...

Hi BV!

Thanks but please do not go out of your way. Yeah, $46.00 is quite expensive. There is a trial size available as well and that size might work out well. I use so little so even a trial size can last me quite long.

Yes, I totally love samples. Thanks!


honody3 said...


I love your site, It is a pleasure to visit.

I have added your site to my site.

Please link my site to your site.

Thank you!

galpal.hi said...

@honody3--Thank you for your kind comments. I will check out your blog and will add yours to my blog roll.


Victoria said...

Hayyyy, $46 is inSANE!!!

I know in Sydney this retails for abt A$36 (since I just bought it last wk, kk~~), which is *still* more than buying it in Korea, where it's under US$25. If you like, you can also check out It's closer to the Korean price, and it offers free shipping if you spend over US$75

Cathy said...

check out

the prices are really good. it's shipped directly from korea.

I just bought my 45ml tube for only US$20.

It offers free shipping to me. Shipping cost may apply for US states though.

galpal.hi said...

@Victoria--thank you for your suggestion. I've pretty much given up on Missha products for now. I found the best BB cream and it's a Japanese brand.


galpal.hi said...

@Cathy--Thank you. I've taken a look at GMarket before and it's actually quite intimidating for me. I guess that I can't read any Korean so that's why it makes it intimidating. One of these days I'll have to sit and study it out.


madie said...

kat, did you use any powder after you applied the bb cream? so far with all the bb creams that i've used, i always need to use powder. also do you still use this particular bb cream now? u still use the bb boomer now? thank you. i think this looks really nice on you...that's whyi had to ask. :D

galpal.hi said...

@madie--Thank you for commenting and I'm so sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. I've been having internet connection problems for 3 weeks now and it's driving me crazy!

With this particular BB cream, I did end up using Cle de Peau translucent powder. I found that this BB cream was quite "moist" so it needed some powder to help set it and take away some of the tackiness from the moistness of it. I did like how hydrating this BB cream was. I am not using this BB cream any more although it was the first one that I used that I loved because of the coverage that I got with it. Unfortunately, after wearing it for some time (used up almost half the tube), I found that the coloring just wasn't quite right for me. I would turn kind of a grayish-ashy color after wearing it for more than 6 hours. I do absolutely love the BB Boomer and still use it.