Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hello Kitty

The other weekend was clothing shopping time while working at the Women's Expo. This past weekend was Hello Kitty shopping while working at the Trade Show. The booth that I purchased the Hello Kitty items from was located directly across from our booth. They kept on busting out more and more items throughout the weekend and I kept on eyeing all of the things. Fortunately, I kept myself in check and purchased only a few things.

I found out from my worker that her grandaughter LOVES Hello Kitty. She tried to go to a sale at Macy's  a couple of Saturdays ago but it was so crowded that she gave up. She had intended to go and buy her grandaughter some Hello Kitty things so she was disappointed that she wasn't able to get anything. I saw in that booth across from me a really cute and feminine Hello Kitty t-shirt so I bought it.  It's not pictured because I already gave it to her. I understand that her grandaughter was absolutely thrilled with it. I also saw the Hello Kitty double decker food containers. It reminds me of bento containers but these are big. I guess that you could pack food in it and go on a picnic. I like that it has a snapable handle and both covers of the containers are decorated with a design, not just the top one. I decided to get two not knowing what I was going to do with it. I also got an eco bag. I love bags and can't have too many of them. Hubby begs to differ.

After I got home, I was putting my things away and trying to decide what to do with the food containers. I don't really go out on picnics and using them just to store food and/or leftovers in it seemed like such a waste. That's when I thought about using it to store some of my makeup!

I have a makeup bag that holds most of my eyeshadow palettes but it can't hold any more. I had MAC eyeshadow singles sitting out and the large pan palette is too large to fit into that bag. There's also my NAKED Palette, which is too big for that bag and my new Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette. I decided to see if they would all fit into one of the containers and it does!  I then decided to use the other container and fill it with my blush and bronzers. I thought that I had a meager collection of these but it turns out that I have a lot more than I thought. I decided to put the brushes that I use with them in it although I'm not sure if I'll keep it in there or not.

For the other set, I'm thinking of putting in my powders along with some brushes. I'm also thinking that I might put the rest of my brushes in the other container. I tried looking for some trays that would fit into the container so that I can kind of separate the brushes the way that I like to keep them separated but I didn't have much luck finding any that fit. I'll keep on trying though.

EDIT: I tried looking today for containers but can't find anything that will fit or is to my liking. I was wishing that there were separators for these boxes and that's when I hit on this idea. I made my own! It may not be pretty but it works for now.

I used plastic canvas and packing tape to make my own separators. I cut the plastic canvas to size and used the tape to hold it in place. Plastic canvas is usually used for needlepoint--cross stitching, I think. I don't do needlepoint except that I did embroidery a long time ago. I had these plastic canvas on hand because I used it to make fabric boxes. I may consider making these boxes in the future to fit into the container.

For now, I think that I'll use these containers this way. I have been thinking of some other storage system--like an Iris cart but I don't like the see-through drawers.



ashura said...

I love Hello Kitty. Whenever I go to Sanrio store I go crazy and buy at least like SGD200+ of Hello Kitty stuff! Great containers you have gotten yourself here. I am a new follower here~

galpal.hi said...

Thanks for visiting and following ashura! I know what you mean! I can spend a lot of money at the Sanrio store too.

So far, I'm liking using the containers for my makeup.


astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

That's an awesome way to use Hello Kitty food containers. I have to admit that Japanese character bentos are soooooo adorable!

galpal.hi said...

Thanks astrorainfall! I'm always trying to figure out different ways to use items that I like. Yes, that's so true! Japanese character bento are really adorable!