Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: Etude House Lipgloss and Mascara

Well, it's been a busy two weeks for me but I think that my schedule will be back to normal for now.

As I had mentioned in a previous post, my friends had gone to Korea and brought back some goodies for me. Two of those items were Dear Darling Lipgloss in a mauve and strawberry milk pink.

Both of these glosses are darker in the lipgloss tube than they actually apply. Both have the same fruity scent, which is quite strong initially but the scent dissipates with time. I don't mind fruity scents so it doesn't bother me. It's not flavored the same, perhaps just a hint of fruity taste to it. It applied nicely with the doefoot applicator. The texture is quite nice, making your lips feel very moist but not sticky. It lasts a decent amount of time as long as you don't eat anything.

I was a little worried that the mauve would be too dark for my liking. I was so glad that it didn't apply as pigmented as it shows in the tube. The color actually shows up a bit brighter in the picture than it is in person.

The strawberry milk color applies very sheer so I think that this lipgloss might work very nicely over a lipstick.

Overall, I think that these glosses are quite nice. I like the moisturizing feel it gives my lips.

The other item that I tried was Etude House Lash Designing Vitecara Curl Mascara. I tried it on uncurled eyelashes and it barely curled them. I will stick with my Gokubuto Mascara for that. However, when I did apply it over my nicely curled eyelashes with Gokubuto Mascara, it really helped to volumize my eyelashes. I liked that combined effect very much. The Lash Designing Vitecara mascara also does not flake on me and washes over easily with warm water.

A new week is starting. Can you believe that the month of September is already half way through?!



Anonymous said...

Yay welcome back! :)

Strawberry Milk is very pretty on you!

I actually cant wait for the months to hurry cos i can go home for xmas XD hehe

thesungirl said...

Glad to hear things are finally settling down for you! :)

I think both of the glosses look very nice on you.

I seriously can't believe its almost October, seeing all the Halloween stuff already makes me think the rest of this year is going to fly by!!

coffretgorge said...

thank you for being ever so sweet Kat! :)

i really like the etude lip gloss on you, juicy and glossy lips woot! :)

galpal.hi said...

Nic Nic, you're going home for Christmas? Yay! My son will be coming home for Christmas too. I'm really looking forward to that. His girlfriend and a friend will also be coming so we'll have a very lively household for a few weeks.

Thank you but actually the Strawberry Milk just shows up as a clear gloss on my lips. I can't believe how pigmented my bare lips show up in pictures.


galpal.hi said...

thesungirl--Yeah, halloween candy is out in the stores already. I'm also starting to see stocks of costumes.

Thank you. I really like the color of the mauve lipgloss. I'm actually not too much of a lipgloss person, more into lipsticks. I have bought a lipgloss on rare occasions. Getting lipgloss as gifts is nice and it's usually the only time I'll wear it. More often than not, it's worn over a lipstick.


galpal.hi said...

coffretgorge--thank you for your sweet comment. I'm enjoying how moisturizing these glosses feel.


Jess said...

The lipglosses make your lips look so plump and shiny! I love the berry shades a lot - seems like berry colors are super hot this season.

Ahh, I can't really believe September is already half way through. This year seems to pass by really fast...

galpal.hi said...

Thanks Jess! Berry shades are really pretty, aren't they?

True, very true, this year has just flown by! I hope that you are doing well.