Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Little Bit of Shopping and NOTD

I have been shopping quite a bit over the last few weeks and thought that I'd share just a little of what I purchased.

I've been needing a new purse and finally found one that I liked.

I picked this up at Ross. Ross is a discount store. It's kind of a hit or miss place. There are times when I find lots of things that I like there and luck out on clothing that fit  but most of the time I don't find much.

I also found at Ross, this set of 7 nail polishes. At $4.99, I just had to pick it up.

I've never heard of this brand before. It is Simple Pleasures by Tri-Coastal Designs. Each bottle contains  0.41 fl. oz./12 ml. each. The teal color at the end caught my eye, which is why I bought it. One thing that really stands out is that there is no shaker ball inside of the bottle. It is unfortunate since that helps to mix the polish.

My NOTD is done with base coat and top coat of Lippman Hard Rock and two coats of the teal polish. There is a konad sticker on my ring finger. I gave up doing konadicures for now since I'm having a heck of a time getting it to work. Anyway, this polish is one of the thicker polishes that I've used. A single application covers quite nicely with no streaking. Since it is on the thicker side, it took quite a while for it to dry. Also, even with using the Hard Rock, it seems that after only 24 hours, I am getting some tip wear already. Oh well, what do you expect with such an inexpensive polish. I really do like this color but don't know if I will use it again. We'll have to see how well it lasts.

By the way, did you know that grating potatoes is dangerous? Yes indeed it is! It is dangerous for your manicure!

I ended up grating my thumbnail! I cut it as short as I could but as you can see, my nail is still chipped on the side. (>.<)*

I got a notice in my email that I could redeem a Sephora V.I.B. coupon. With a $50.00 purchase, I had my choice of one of three gift sets: Benefit--Badgal Lash Mascaras, High Beam and Posie tint, Too Faced--Primed & Poreless Face Primer, Shadow Insurance Eye Primer and Lip Insurance Lip Primer, or NARS--Bronzing Powder (Laguna) and Lip Gloss (Chihuahua). As soon as I saw my email, I knew that I wanted the NARS gift set. I don't own anything NARS, nor have I tried anything from their line.

I lucked out and got the 2nd to the last NARS gift set. The drawstring bag that the products come in is cute, it has a slight satin feel to it.

I was actually quite surprised by how small the items were! Of course I didn't think that they'd be full-sized products but I thought that they might be just a bit bigger. The Laguna bronzer is .08 oz./2.5 g. and the lip gloss has writing too small for me to read, even with a magnifying glass.

To show you a size comparison, I've used a MAC single eyeshadow and a Dior Shine lip gloss. The good thing about the bronzer, it's a nice size to travel with if I do end up liking it. I don't have to take my big Smashbox container with me.

I haven't tried either of these out yet but I'm hoping that the bronzer will be good. The lip gloss might be a little too pale for me but I won't know until I try it.

Tomorrow, I get to pick up my MAC mineralize eyeshadows from the Disney collection.



Blair said...

Your purse is indeed adorable!!

The cap?applicator? for the NARS lipgloss is even longer than the tube containing the lipgloss LOL

thesungirl said...

Lots of fun shopping! Glad you got to try out some NARS, I have both laguna and orgasm by them. Am curious to see what you think.

I miss stores like ross! Makes me wonder what stores here in Japan do with items that don't sell or that they have too many of....

coffretgorge said...

omg that lipgloss is so small the handle is bigger than the tube holding the gloss hahaha, thanks for the comparison pics, theyre like kids toys hahah, but i bet they'll be great for traveling, i hope you love them enough to bring them all the time! :)

i know, i suspect it might be the angle from where i took the pic of my lashes. im thinking of re-taking pics, but my lashes are the same anyway so IDK. hahaha! thank you for your concern kat! i appreciate it. xx :)

galpal.hi said...

Blair--thank you! I thought that the bag design is unusual and cute at the same time. I love the color too. Yeah, it's a really tiny lipgloss but it was free so I can't complain. It's a great way for me to actually try NARS without having had to purchase it.


galpal.hi said...

thesungirl--I used Laguna today and it's okay. I mean, it's a bronzer although I did find it was a bit s shimmery. Not sure if I want that in a bronzer or not. I don't mind blush having shimmer. I do like the color of this bronzer though. It'll definitely go into my travel makeup bag. I also tried the lipgloss and I must say, I love it! Not so much the color but the feel of it. It's not sticky at all but keeps my lips feeling very moist.


galpal.hi said...

coffretgorge--I know! They are like kids toys! I was a bit shocked by the tiny size. I can't complain since it was free. It's also a great opportunity for me to try out NARS without actually shelling out money for it. I really don't like it when I pay for something and find that I don't like it. But the NARS lipgloss is <333! I think that I'm going to have to find a color that I really like and pick one up.


BV said...

I love the purse! I love metallic finishes also. The NARS stuff looks so teensy doesn't it? I think NARS can be hit or miss at times, mostly hits for me though! Although also extremely $$$!

I love the blue on you but boo re: nail grating! I hope it isn't painful!

galpal.hi said...

Thanks BV! I love the purse! I'm so picky when it comes to buying purses that it takes me forever to find one that I like.

My thumb is fine, not painful or anything but I now have an ugly thumbnail until it grows out.