Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love Package from K

Today started off kind of blah but it got infinitely better when the mailman dropped off a surprise package for me. It was a love package from K of cosmeddicted! It was so kind of her to send me a thank you package.

I love everything that is in there. There's a variety of KitKats, most of which are LE flavors! The box is the Sakura/Matcha flavor, the red ones I believe are the regular kitkat, the green ones are Aloe/Yogurt flavor and Lavender/Blue ones are blueberry. I haven't eaten any of these before except for the regular KitKat. Also enclosed were packets of Maxim Cafe menu Matcha Latte. These sound so interesting and I will definitely try these with Mai one night. I would share with hubby but he's not a coffee and tea drinker. Then there's my recently discovery Canmake concealer which I really love! I was honestly thinking of getting a backup so this is perfect timing. All of these were packaged in two cute Hello Kitty zip bags.

The last item is something that I searched for after I read her blog review of it. I couldn't it find it at one of the Japanese stores and coincidently, I looked for it today at another store prior to receiving the package but couldn't find it there either. It is the Gatsby Ice-Type Deodorant Body Paper. It's been extremely hot here the last few weeks so even more so I wanted to try this. Thank you so much for this timely gift K! I tried it after I got home and it's awesome! It smells wonderful and feels soooo good. It has a menthol scent and feel to it. It feels really cooling when you are applying it. However, if you are sensitive to the burning sensation that accompanies menthol, this is not for you. The aftermath of the cooling sensation is the tingling, burning sensation. It felt great! I think that this will be great to use if you have tired, aching muscles. It really helps to perk you up.

Thank you K, for your kind generosity.



Rica said...

Hurray for Kitkats! That makes me wanna buy some from my local Asian snack store LOL. I bought a pack of LE flavour for my boyfriend last year and he didn't eat it and it ended crushed in his backpack = =.

I think I want to try some Gatsby Ice-Type Deodorant Body Paper. It's been hot and cold lately, you never know when you need those :p.

Great care package! It's nice to see how people in the beauty community are being nice and friendly to each other :D.


coffretgorge said...

I cant say enough how sweet and generous Kay is, thats so thoughtful of her to send you LE kitkats, your canmake concealer and the gatsby paper!

ooh the matcha latte sounds good! hmmm :)

thesungirl said...

Such a nice way to say thank you. :)

I love the LE kit kats here, I think the best one I have tried is the pineapple one like 4 years ago....sadly it hasn't appeared again. The gatsby ice type sheets are my savior during the summer here.

galpal.hi said...

Hi Rica! I love KitKats! I bought the bitter almond one from my local Japanese store and loved it. I'm not sure if that one is also a LE or not. Boo that your BF didn't eat his KitKats and let it get crushed in his backpack.

I'm loving that deodorant paper. It's cooling and refreshingly hot at the same time.

I've met the nicest people in the beauty blogging community. You're one of them!


galpal.hi said...

coffretgorge, I can't agree more! Kay is really a sweet person!

I'll let you know how that matcha latte tastes as soon as I get a chance to try it with Mai. She just started a new position (in the same Company) so she's been pretty busy. I hope that we can get together soon.


galpal.hi said...

thesungirl--there was actually a pineapple KitKat?! Wow! I don't know if I would have been brave enough to try it. I can't eat pineapples or anything that touches pineapples since the acid in it gives me really bad cold sores.

It's the first time that I'm using the Gatsby Ice-Type sheets and I really like it. It's perfect timing too since the heat wave is hitting us now. It's been pretty bad. (I'm melting!)


Asian Food Grocer said...

Great post! If you are interested in more flavors of Kit Kat's or other Japanese Snacks, checkout AsianFoodGrocer.com they have tons tasties you'll love!

galpal.hi said...

Asian Food Grocer--thank you for stopping by and for commenting. Thank you also for letting me know about your site. I have checked it out and there's a nice array of items. If I can't find something here at the several Asian stores locally, I'll definitely check out your site to see if I can find it there.


K said...

Yay, glad you liked everything!!