Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Skin Food Peach Sake Pore BB Cream and Etude BB Magic Cream Review

Over the last several days, I have been testing out the two BB creams. Following is my personal thoughts on them.

First up is Skin Food Peach Sake Pore BB Cream.

It is lightly scented and I love the smell. It doesn't linger though, which actually is a good thing. It comes in this tube with a pump style dispensing top. I don't like the dispensing top because I can't seem to control the amount of product that comes out. I want to apply just a thin layer of the BB cream on and the amount that squirts out is way too much for my preference.

The color seems to me to be almost a peachy color too but it does seem to blend in nicely. It might be a bit too light for me but I can work with it as I prefer too light over too dark.

Scary! This is my face which has been prepped with toning lotion,
moisturizer, sunscreen, eye cream and primer. I hate my freckles!
(And yet, they look cute on other people.)

Skin Food this side =>
I have the Skin Food BB cream applied

The coverage is okay, I think more of a light coverage and it does seem to help to brighten up my complexion a bit.

Next is Etude House BB Magic Cream.

The scent of this is kind of mediciney--perhaps something like Bactine. Fortunately, the scent of this doesn't linger very long either. It is also in a tube with a pump style dispenser top. I like this dispenser top because I can control the amount that is pumped out.

The color is more of a pink beige color and is on the lighter side like the Skin Food BB Cream. It does blend out nicely as well.

<= Etude House    Skin Food =>

The coverage is light as well but I think that it is better than Skin Food's coverage. Looking at the picture above, it seems that the Etude House side is lighter in color. I'm not sure if it's the shade of the BB cream or if it is because of the brightening effect.

My conclusion:

Both creams created a matte finish on my face. In reading the descriptions of the product, it is supposed help to control oil. While I like the matte finish, I need something that is hydrating. After a couple of hours, it seems to settle into my pores and brings out my fine lines. I like that it evens out my skin tone and before it brings out my fine lines, I love the way my finished face looks (finished meaning after applying foundation). One thing that did happen is that I had a few small red spots break out on me. That could be because the BB cream clogged my pores or just that it was a new product used on my face. I find that sometimes when I use new products on my skin, it can break out in small spots until it gets used to the product.

Finished face with foundation applied over BB creams

I still have to try Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Shine BB Lotion. I have a feeling that this will be too matte-fying on my skin as well.



BV said...

Thanks for this review. My mother asked me if I wanted something from Korea the other day (she's flying out in 2 weeks) but I told her "no" because I feel I've been hauling WAY too much lately.

I feel like the BB creams look good on you but the lack of moisture I understand. I wonder if you would like Skin79 instead? I feel it is pretty moisturising... I have a number of them which I feel are too moisturising for me - do you want to try them? email me and let me know.. I am planning to throw them out otherwise! (no joke)


pladge said...

Thank you for your comment for my birthday.
I had a great birthday.

I'm also using BB cream(it's made in Korea) everyday. I like BB cream, I really wanna try first one on this entry, because BB cream is not usually has good smells...I wanna try nice peach smells.

galpal.hi said...

Thanks for commenting BV! OMG! You should take your mom up on the offer! Although, you have mentioned how she has come back home and said that she didn't have time to shop. LOL! If anything, you should ask her to bring back samples of stuff. If you find anything good in the samples, then you'll know what to haul the next time you're ready to haul.

I'll email you!


galpal.hi said...

I'm glad that you had a great birthday Shihoco! You have some wonderful friends.

If you find that you need something that is matte and helps to control oil, then yes, definitely try the SkinFood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream. It really has a very pleasant smell but it doesn't linger for very long.