Friday, May 28, 2010

New Toys and Another BB Cream Review

I've been doing some online shopping as well as mall shopping. Today one of my orders arrived and it was shipped out only on Monday! Finally MAC's Back to the Beach line was released in Hawaii and I managed to pick up Marine Life Highlight Powder!

From Ichibankao, I purchased a couple of Barrier Repair by Mandom Beauty items. This line concentrates on dry skin prevention. It has hydraulic acid which helps to improve your skin and helps it to retain moisture. It says that it's supposed to provide your skin with extra elasticity and softness, just like a baby's skin, thus the name "Baby Moist". I needed a new serum so I purchased the Concentrate Serum and Barrier Repair Baby Moist Essence, which is a cream that you put on after moisturizing. I also purchased from Kanebo's Lavshuca's line, Lavshuca Melting Eyes palette in RD-1. Lastly, from Kose's Visee line, Brilliance Forming Eyes Palette in A-1 (Pink).

As I mentioned earlier, from MAC I purchased Marine Life Highlight Powder and a palette refill eyeshadow in Sushi Flower. I can't find my other pink eyeshadow, Swish, so I got this one to replace it.

I will do reviews on all of the above products after I've tried them out.

Today I also decided to take the plunge and use a different BB Cream. I was going to do so yesterday but I decided that I liked the Caviar Gold BB Cream so much that I wanted to use it one more day before moving on. So, I tried Lioele Beyond Solution BB Cream.

I love the color of this BB Cream since it is darker and blends in nicely with my skin tone. It is still on the lighter side but not as light as the Caviar Gold. I also feel like it has a little heavier coverage than the Caviar Gold and that it feels like it has more of a matte finish.

Because of the heavier coverage, it really gave me a nice finish after I put on my foundation. In order to give it a fair assessment, I used the same foundation, which is Maquillage Moisture Cream Foundation UV.

My finished FOTD looks nice. Again, it's more of a matte finish and I don't seem to be as glowy as with the Caviar Gold but it's still nice.

The real test--after 12 hours or more. I think that it held up pretty well. I did not touch up my face at all except to test out the Marine Life Highlight Powder. I put it onto my cheeks over my already exisiting bronzer and blush. I also applied it to my forehead and chin and I must say, I really like the powder! It make my face brighten up and seem more glowy.  Anyway, I digress...back to the BB cream...Even after more than 12 hours, coverage seems good. It may have faded a little but not much. One thing that I worry about matte finishes is that it will bring out my fine lines and age me but this BB cream really didn't seem to do that.

Lioele--After more than 12 hours

Caviar Gold--After more than 12 hours

While I really like the color of this BB cream and the heavier coverage, I like the Caviar Gold more because it felt more hydrating, wasn't a matte finish and made me look much more glowy.



lisa ( Makeupandlife) ✿ said...

Haha! You got your MAC Marine life sea horse... I am so happy for you ^^ The gold dust has gone on mine already.

Nice haul,Visee eyeshadow looks beautiful.

Rica said...

We are both proud Marine Life owners LOL

I wanna find a good BB cream, which one do you like the best?


galpal.hi said...

Thank you! I'm really pleased with Marine Life. After the first use, the gold dust has disappeared. It's really pretty with the gold overlay. Too bad it couldn't have been through out the whole palette.

Thanks for commenting. Actually, I commented on your WLC post yesterday but it's not there. I'll have to go back and redo my comment.

So far, I'm really liking the Caviar Gold BB Cream. I need something that is hydrating and not matte because matte-fying my face will draw out the fine lines. I think that the Caviar Gold makes me glow, in a good way.

I definitely did not like SkinFood Sakura Sake BB Cream. It was not hydrating enough for me. Good luck in finding a BB cream that you like. I was ready to give up.