Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mai and Kat Fun Saturday

As I have mentioned recently, I've been working a ton of hours and will continue to do so until at least the end of June. I've also been working long hours on the weekends but this past Saturday, I had to attend a luncheon wedding reception. Hubby was away so Mai went with me.

My morning started out early with me first going to work for a few hours before rushing home to meet Mai and for us to put on our makeup and go to the reception. My makeup was the same as the most recent EOTD post. It matched up perfectly with the dress and short aqua cardigan that I got from Target.

We had long decided that after the reception we would go shopping at Ala Moana Shopping Center since the reception was quite near. However, we decided to come back to my house first and change into comfortable clothing. We then headed back to Ala Moana and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing.

First up, we went into Nordstrom because I wanted to look at the Dior makeup section. We found out that there will be a Trendsetter Show this upcoming Saturday. Mai can't make it and I'm quite sure that I'll be working but I purchased a ticket to attend anyway. I then preordered a 5 shadow set from Dior as well as a single eyeshadow. The reason why I decided to preorder it and pick it up at the Trendsetter Show is because you get a gift with purchase. Also, the $15.00 that I paid for the ticket can go towards any purchase that I make. Tasha was the MUA that helped us that night and she was awesome! Since Nordstrom will open their doors at 7:30 a.m. for the show, I will go there first thing in the morning and pick up my preorder then head to work. Tasha also told me about something that I had never heard of before. You can register to become a Dior Diva VIP and get free gifts! Either the MUAs at Sephora don't know about this or just don't tell you about the program because I have bought a few things from the Dior line from Sephora before. The program is limited to North America (United States) and Canada. If you live in either place, you can register at: It's free to register. If I can find some time, I might go back to Nordstrom to see what other GWP there are with other cosmetic lines. All of the lines are going to have GWP for Trendsetter.

We then spent time at the Lancaster counter where Mai got her face treated using that electronic pulse machine...sorry, I don't know what it was called exactly. But it helps to push the serum into your skin deeper than if you just use your fingers to apply it. It seems like it's a rather long process, something that I feel I won't make the time to do. Mai didn't think so either but when we got back to my house and ate a late dinner, she then played with her makeup and felt that her face really did feel smoother and brighter.  Maybe it's just the serum so I will pick up a sample for her. Otherwise, she may be seriously considering getting that system, which cost $125.00.

After Mai got her face cleansed and treated, we then headed over to MAC store and she got her makeup done. She bought some brushes, eyeshadow and mascara. I also bought the mascara and will be reviewing it in a few days, after I get to test it out. Sorry, I can't even remember which MAC mascara it was that I bought.

After shopping, we headed back to my house where Mai played around with her new makeup and I went through my stuff and gave her a few things that I don't use any more. It was fun and relaxing, a really good break for me which I seriously needed.

The funny thing is that Mai did most of the buying. I really wanted to do some serious shopping since I got a really big paycheck from all of the OT that I have been working. I ended up spending money on the show ticket and the mascara and that was it. Of course, I will make up for it on Saturday when I go to pick up my Dior eyeshadows and perhaps some other things.