Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Review: Hanskin Caviar Gold BB Cream

I am so glad that we decided to start up a beauty blog. We have certainly been blessed to have met so many wonderful bloggers who share a common interest--beauty! With this said, I was very lucky to do a swap with one awesome, sweet and lovely blogger. She sent me some BB creams that she felt was too moisturizing for her tastes and I feel that I need something moisturizing. Thanks so much!

The first one that I have decided to try is by Hanskin. It is the Caviar Gold BB Cream. It says that it is supposed to be whitening, take care of wrinkles and contains SPF 21.

Starting off with my scary bare face (it's been toned, moisturized and primed), you can see that there are a lot of freckles, which are extremely distasteful to me.

Here I have applied the BB cream. In my opinion, it seems to have a very light coverage and it does make my face quite a bit lighter. If anything though, I prefer to work with my face that is lighter than darker. At this point I am thinking that perhaps I'm just not meant to use BB cream. It seems like it doesn't do much for me and it's just an added extra step.

I then proceeded to apply my foundation (Shiseido Maquillage Moisture Cream Foundation UV in OC20).  Hmmmm....it's looking really nice! I proceeded to apply my entire FOTD and when I was done I was so pleased! I think that my complexion looked really even and smooth. I also felt that I looked brighter and glowy. Next was the real test to see how it lasts throughout the day and if it is indeed moisturizing enough for me or if it will matte up on me, make my face look dry and bring out the fine lines.

After 12 hours of wear, I was so pleased to see that it really didn't matte up on me nor did it oxidize. My fine lines didn't show up and age me. My skin did indeed feel moisturized yet. I still looked bright and glowy. The extra step in the morning was totally worth it. I really am impressed by this BB Cream.

I tried this out yesterday and loved it so much that I used it again today. I am still impressed by it. I still have some other BB creams to test out but am totally loving this one right now.



galpal.hi said...

I forgot to mention that I didn't touch up my makeup at all during the 12 hours.


BV said...

Whoa fantastic result as a makeup base!! Your skin looks great too btw!!

galpal.hi said...

Thanks BV! I didn't want to give up using this BB cream but finally gathered up the courage to try another one, which I will review soon.