Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mini Ichibankao Haul and Review

With Mother's Day over, I can finally spend some time blogging again.

Last week I got my package from Ichibankao. I had ordered Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara and K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24 h.

I recently purchased the ColorStay eyeliner pen by Revlon and was very disappointed by it. It wasn't very pigmented and it didn't stay well on me. I decided to give the K-Palette a try and am I glad that I did. It is a pen but it has a very fine point, which I really like. The eyeliner "ink" is pigmented and dries very quickly. The only problem that I have with it is that it is a bit too fine for my liking to line my upper eyelid. Of course you can go back and build up the line so that it's thicker but it takes too much time for me. Also, if you like to flick up your line, I find it difficult to do so--but it's probably me who sucks at it. It also dries very quickly so you can't really fix your mistakes. However, for my lower lashline, I really like how I can just draw a very thin line just at my lower lashes and it looks really natural. The best part of it is that it really does last and doesn't smudge on me to give me raccoon eyes. 

Upper and lower lashline lined with eyeliner.
This picture is taken a different day from the next two pictures.

Upper lashline lined with Bobbi Brown gel liner
No liner on lower lashline yet

Lower lashline lined with K-Palette (outer half of lower lashline)

I really do like this product and will definitely purchase it again. In fact, my friend is coming to Hawaii from Japan and I asked her to pick it up for me if she has time before she travels here.

Nic Nic of bang bang she shoots wrote about the Fiberwig Mascara in her blog. She loves this mascara because she says that it doesn't uncurl her eyelashes and yet isn't waterproof and washes off very easily with soap and water. I just had to try it because my eyelashes uncurl very easily if I don't use waterproof mascara or if I don't use Shiseido's eyelash mascara base. Unfortunately, this mascara doesn't hold my curl well. It doesn't completely uncurl it though but it does uncurl it enough that I don't like the way my eyelashes look. It is a great mascara though. And yes, it does wash off very easily.

My eyelashes before curling. They are stick straight.

Fiberwig mascara without Shiseido mascara base. It is still curled
but not as curled as I like it. It's okay for a more natural looking
eyelash look. I am also wearing the K-Palette Eyeliner on both
upper and lower lashlines in this picture. (Picture taken on same day
as first eyeliner picture)

I tried using the mascara after applying Shiseido's eyelash mascara base and it works perfectly that way. I do like the way the mascara goes on and the way it looks. It is a mascara that I will probably buy again. I'm really not much of a mascara wearer though.



Mischievous Mack said...

OOO I like the 1 day tattoo liner! Although i think the eyebrow tattoo one is even better :)
I've never tried that mascara though...
I'm having a giveaway of Korean skincare stuff on my blog, please come enter :)

BV said...

Fibrewig is supposed to be the No1 selling mascara in Japan. I never understood it because it is too wet for me - the wetness uncurls my lashes!! It is excellent for putting on with false eyelashes though because it really helps both the natural lashes and the falsies to blend. That's how I use mine anyhoo...

I purchased the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner (on a whim!) the other day - I'm trying to see if I like it more than my Stila smudgepot.. jury still out. I like the blackness of it and the wet look but I am still getting some fading!!

I don't use pen eyeliners - but my mother does and she LOVES the 24 hour tattoo!! She asked me to get it for her again (how can I mum I don't live in Japan anymore!) but I bought like 5 other ones on Sasa for her. Heh.

Thanks for the review!