Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Travel Makeup Hints for Me to Remember

This is part 2 of Travel Makeup that I posted in the previous post.

Normally I like to travel with sample packets of skin care products because it is less bulky. One thing that I don't like about doing so is having to work out of the packets because depending on the item, one packet can last me through a whole 5 day trip. I have cut them open and placed them into a little Ziploc type bag but it can still be awkward to work with. I decided that this time I would take along a few empty containers. I find that contact lens cases work well. They are inexpensive and you can just dump them before coming home.

I usually look around for the contact lens cases that are pliable so that you can cut them in half. I used one for eye cream, one for primer and a container for serum. The container that I used for the serum was actually a travel container that I found at KMart. It came in a set of two. I really like it but haven't been able to find more. I decided to keep that and can wash it to reuse.

I tried using the hotel shampoo and conditioner the last time I traveled and really missed my regular hair care products. This time I used a couple of small plastic containers, recycled from some other product that either I or someone in my family had used. I had planned on just dumping it before I came home. Unfortunately I had so much product left in the containers and my mom thought it was wasteful but I dumped it anyway.

After coming home and thinking about it some, I decided that I should try packing it into little Ziploc type bags. It would be best to use a clear packing tape to seal the zipper end of the bag to prevent it from unzipping with the airplane pressure. You can cut open a corner of the bag to squeeze it out. I tested one out by putting in some shampoo that I thought was about the amount of shampoo I would use for a night (normally wash my hair two times and condition once).

It worked out great and the amount of shampoo that I had put in was actually enough to shampoo 3 times. I must remember to put in a little less shampoo. Empty bag:

One thing that I would like to highlight is the facial soap that I used this time. It is by DHC and is a film type of soap. It's really paper thin and took up so little space.

It seemed like it was a really popular item but unfortunately, DHC discontinued it. I happened to catch it when it was on clearance sale. I hope that they come out with something similar to replace it as it's really handy.

A couple of weeks before I left on this trip, I received some items that I ordered from a blog sale and my Sephora order of the Urban Decay Anarchy Face Palette came in. In the blog sale package, was a SUQQU eyeshadow palette. I've been totally obsessed with both the SUQQU and Anarchy palettes that I decided to take it with me to Las Vegas. I normally travel with just the magnetic freestyle palette that I've filled up with eyeshadows, blush and contour colors. It ended up being a bit more bulky than I'm used to bring the SUQQU and Anarchy palettes as well as another container which had the other additional eyeshadow, blush and contour colors. You can see the difference in this picture:

This is how I had to pack he container with the additional items that I needed:

Normally the Canmake Shading Powder is depotted so that it'll fit into the freestyle magnetic palette. As much as I loved having the two palettes, I like having less bulk so I'll have to remember to just bring the freestyle palette. I will be doing reviews with EOTD posts on the two palettes in the future.

I will have to retired the Sephora makeup bag that I love so much. I have been using it for several years in my hand carry bag. Unfortunately, the zipper doesn't work any more. Which ever way I zip it, it stays open. I'll need to replace it before my next travels.

I thought that I would get everything into 2 posts but I will need to do one more for my "early morning rush" tips.

If you have any packing tips and ideas, please be sure to share them with me. I tend to travel with a load so any ideas to help lighten it will be appreciated. There will also be one last post, which will be with the "Using My Stash" post which will appear at the beginning of next month.