Saturday, October 19, 2013

Think Pink, Supporting National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every day, many people throughout the world are diagnosed with breast cancer. This disease affects both women and men from all walks of life. I am sure it has affected someone you know. October has been designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). The purpose of this annual campaign is to promote awareness of breast cancer, as well as its detection, treatment and research for a reliable and permanent cure.The pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness.

I know that there are other bloggers out there doing similar posts and tags in support of this cause. Some, like SlowBro-Gal is doing it on several social media platforms and is doing a post a day, which is too ambitious for me to do. I still wanted to do a post but it will be only this one post. I will also be wearing pink every day for the remainder of this month to show my support and post pink items.

So, onto my pink items:

Going clockwise, starting in the upper left corner is a reader eyeglass and lighted magnifier set. There was actually two pairs of glasses in this set although I have only one in the picture. I love that the frames have a pink undertone with the pink ribbon design on the frame templates (aka arms).

In the upper right corner is Skechers GoWalk Deluxe sneakers. This is the special pink ribbon edition. There were actually 2 different styles, one was this slip on one and the other a lace up one. I really preferred the lace up one but they didn't have it available in my size.

Next in the bottom right corner is a pink t-shirt. All of the items in this post happen to be pink and connected to pink ribbon, supporting breast cancer awareness except for this item. This particular t-shirt does happen to be charity related though. This is actually the charity t-shirt for this year's 24 Hour Television "Love Saves The Earth" charity. It is an annual telethon in Japan which raises funds for various organizations that aid the sick, handicapped, natural disasters around the world, etc. In fact in 2011, the proceeds went to helping rebuild various prefectures who were damaged during the Tohoku disaster.

In the bottom left corner is the Brush Away Cancer brush set from Crown Brushes. It's a nice set with good quality brushes at a very reasonable price.

Last, is a pink ribbon ball point pen. It's a nice pen which I think is good quality. The weight of it is a bit heavy and it writes really well.

In total, I have 5 items. In Japanese, the word for 5 is "go". With this in mind, let's all get pro active and get up and "go" and do something this month in support of breast cancer awareness. Some things that I have done in the past include making purchases in which a portion of the proceeds will go towards an organization that helps fund breast cancer awareness, set up fund raising efforts at work and have participated in the Susan G. Komen walk for a couple of years.

If any one is interested in doing this, I tag you to do it. Please make sure to comment here and post your link so that I can see your beautiful pink items. Although I was going to post items that were pink and hadn't intended to have all the items that I posted to be charity related, it ended up being that way.



Bijin Blair said...

I never feel guilty when I make those purchases (where a portion of the proceeds will go towards something meaningful).

I'll definitely do this tag on Instagram! Now I'm off to gather pink items that I love...

galpal.hi said...

@Bijin Blair--I don't feel guilty making those types of purchases either. I like the thought that I am doing a small part to help.

Saw your post on Instagram. Really lovely pink items.