Monday, October 21, 2013

Travel Makeup and Las Vegas Haul

I recently spent a few days in Las Vegas, as I do every year. This trip I had changed up the way I packed my makeup, came up with some new ideas after the fact and decided to do a write up on it. This will be done in two parts with the 2nd part mostly for me to look back and remember what I came up with and the dos and don'ts for next time.

I normally like to pack 90% of my makeup in my hand carry bag. I've heard many stories of how luggage has been misplaced and how people had to do without for a day or more. I could do without clothes as I normally pack an extra set in the hand carry and have found that most items can be hand washed and will dry overnight. I cannot do without my makeup though.

My TSA approved items:

Other items that I put into my hand carry:

This is what was inside the TSA approved bag:

Items packed into suitcase:

Now for my Las Vegas haul. I don't have it pictured here but I did a big haul at Trader Joe's. I bought mostly nut mix, wasabi nori snacks and kitchen towels. At the outlet mall, I found a couple of bargains at Loft Store.

I was really disappointed that I didn't find anything of interest at the two CCO stores. I was looking forward to buying some make up there. While I was in Las Vegas, Urban Decay was running a 20% off sale so I ended up purchasing from them. I hadn't originally planned on purchase Vice 2 but since it was 20% off...

Does this count as part of my Las Vegas haul since I did online shopping while in Vegas?

Stay tuned for part 2 of this travel makeup post with reminders of dos and don'ts for myself. Hopefully you'll find some of it useful too.