Monday, October 28, 2013

NOTD--Another Gel Nail Manicure

Just before I left for my trip, I had to redo my manicure. I have always either traveled without any manicure or with a very toned down manicure in case of any chipping or tip wear. I had read on another blogger's blog that she had done a very simple gel nail manicure using mainly clear polish with gold glitter at the tips. I decided that it was perfect to do for this trip.

By the time I managed to take this picture, this manicure was already almost a week and a half old. Sorry, the color also is a bit off, don't know what happened.

I love doing gel nail manicures. It is easy to do at home and no wait time for the nails to dry other than when you put it under the lamp. It is very long wearing on me despite the fact that I am very hard on my hands and nails. My nails are also very soft and they bend and rip easily. Although you have to buff your nails, which weakens it, after applying the gel polish, my nails are much stronger.

The downside to gel nail manicures is removing it. Being the lazy person that I am, I decided to try to just buff/file down that current manicure, paying close attention to the cuticle areas that had lifted a bit. I then went ahead and started the whole application process and did a new manicure. I was curious to see if it would work and it did!

The end result is great and my nails are even stronger right now because of all the layers of polish. I actually have never had my natural nails this long before, I was going to cut it down but I am interested in seeing how long they will get before I have to redo the manicure again. Hopefully I can hold out because I am finding it very difficult to type with the longer nails. I keep making typos.

When it is time to remove this manicure, I will take a break from doing gel nail manicures to let my nails rest and recover.