Saturday, June 9, 2012

Using My Stash

It's time for another Using My Stash post and I'm so glad to finally be able to write this one. I've been wanting to write it for a while but lack of time was my enemy. There's actually quite a bit in here since my last post like this was done in January, 5 months ago! I'll be so glad to finally be able to get rid of all these empty containers that sat around waiting to have pictures taken.

Skin Care:

A decent amount of regular-sized products in this post. There's still some trial/travel products too as I used it when I went to Las Vegas at the beginning of the year and to Japan in April.The large white bottle is Nature Republic's White Therapy emulsion and I had been using it since approximately November 2010! I use mainly Noevir skin care products so there are travel sizes there. The only full size items I have repurchased is Noevir's Protecting Skin Cream and Extra Moisture Cream. I am also considering repurchasing Olay Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixir as I did like it and like to keep my day and night serums different.


Interestingly, all 4 are Japanese brands--3 from Noevir and 1 from Sofina. I had the Sofina one for a very long time. I carried it in my purse and used it only when I thought I needed to add more protection. The one bottle is Raysela Body Protection by Noevir and I use it every day. The 2 tubes are Raysela Face Protector UV and that's also used every day. I just ordered a couple of Biore tubes to try out although by far, Raysela is my favorite.

Body Wash:

I know that I've mentioned this before but I'll say it again. If there's a face wash that I have that I don't care for, I'll usually use it as a body wash. If it's gentle enough to use on your face, then it's certainly okay to use on your body. It doesn't go unused and I don't feel badly that I've wasted money on a facial wash that I ended up not liking.


I didn't exactly use these till they were all used up but I've used them and it had been over six months since I opened them so it was time to go. I'll admit that I'm really bad about following the general guidelines for mascara expiration times. I've used a beloved mascara for over a year until it just wouldn't apply any more without any problems.

Hair Care:

One a higher end to drugstore brand. Neuma was okay but didn't exactly "Wow" me. I'm actually really liking the new Suave Keratin line and am already on my second bottle of both shampoo and conditioner. It might not matter too much as it's been so humid here the past few days and I think it's a sign of a really awful summer coming up. I've decided to chop my hair off to around chin length--to help get rid of all of the damaged ends and to beat the heat. If I really dislike it, I can always grow it out again for when winter comes.


The MAC blush I've had for so long that it's actually gotten quite hard and difficult to pick up color. I guess it's a sign that it's time to throw it away. At least I've more than hit pan on it. I also am finding that I'm not liking that blush color so much any more. Sue Devitt Bermuda Triangle Undereye Corrector is my favorite concealer. I have already bought a replacement and started using it. The empty square pan was a Maquillage Powder Foundation. I don't use powder foundations on my face anymore but I do use it on my eyelids and browline. I have a few other powder foundations that need to be used up so there was no need to replace this. The small round pan was MAC Print eyeshadow. My absolutely favorite eyeshadow, which I use just about every day. This was a pro pan and I do have Print in a regular single pan so there's no need to replace this. I'm still debating whether or not I want to depot it so it can go into my palette.

How has everyone else been doing on using your stash?



Jamilla Camel said...

Haven' t been makeup shopping for ages! You will love your new sunscreens!

Anonymous said...

I'm sriously impressed you finished Print shadow!

galpal.hi said...

@Jamilla--It's nice to take a break from our obessions every now and then.

Looking forward to receiving the new sunscreens.


galpal.hi said...

@Nic Nic--I always feel so accomplished when I finish a makeup item. It usually takes sooo long!


K said...

I agree - facial washes are definitely OK to use on the body!

Don't forget to save your used MAC blush for B2M!

Brianna said...

I love finishing products too! It really is a sense of accomplishment right? Plus then I don't feel half as bad about buying new stuff. ;)

galpal.hi said...

@K--Yup, won't forget about B2M. That's why I'm a bit undecided about depotting my MAC Print eyeshadow. I have to check and see how many things I have that can be used for B2M--don't think I have too many things left as I usually buy palette pans and rarely buy anything other than eyeshadows from MAC any more.


galpal.hi said...

@Brianna--It definitely is a great feeling of accomplishment to finish up a product. Although I still have quite a few products to use, I'll try to reward myself with something after using up so many products.


Haru said...

You managed to finish a great number of products, including makeup! I've only ever finished one MAC blush in my life, and that was Angel, which took at least two years of daily use.

Beauty Box said...

Well many empties! I wish I could hit pan on blush and eyeshadows like you... maybe I haven't found something I would love so much ;-)

galpal.hi said...

@Haru--Makeup items are so difficult to use up unless it's an item that you use every day.

@Beauty Box--It really felt great!