Monday, June 11, 2012

Love Package #2

The 2nd love package that I received was quite unexpected. The lovely and very talented Yasumi of WorshipBlues and I have recently started following each other on Twitter and slowly getting to know each other better. I had mentioned that I had been hearing so many wonderful things about Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation but unfortunately can't get it here. She so kindly offered to send me a bottle and in the process sent a very lovely love package. I was so blown away and touched by her kindness.

In the box...

...not one foundation but two! There's Healthy Mix Serum Foundation and 1 2 3 Perfect Foundation. I hadn't heard of the 1 2 3 Perfect Foundation before and was so excited to try both of these foundations. Also in the box is a Bourjois bllush, Bourjois stick foundation, Labello lip balm and Rouge Bunny Rouge cream eyeshadow.

I'm so excited to try all of these products. All of these products are brands that I have never tried before. Thank you so much Yasumi! I'm in the process of gathering some things to reciprocate.



Haru said...

That's a lovely selection of truly awesome beauty goodies! The Bourjois 123 Foundation is pretty good and gives slightly more coverage and a more matte finish than the Healthy Serum Mix. It's great for the summer months when skin tends to be more oily.

Old Cow said...

Bless you!! You are very very welcome x I look forward to hearing what you make of these things.

evie said...

i love bourjois products!

Jian said...

Actually somewhat surprisingly probably, I haven't tried bourjois foundies despite everyone else seeming to be quite fond of them! Maybe I should!

:) Lovely package! Can't wait to see what you make of them!

Beauty Box said...

I love Bourjois healthy mix foundation!! It's one of my top faves for foundation, after Benefit's hello flawless foundie. Yasumi was so sweet to include all these Bourjois goodies.

Anonymous said...

how sweet of Yasumi! I have just good things about Bourjois healthy mix foundie.. will have a look when I get to the UK!

galpal.hi said...

@Haru--Thank you for your input on the foundations. I'm just about ready to do a review on the 1-2-3 Foundation.

@Old Cow/Yasumi--Thank you again for the really lovely love package. You are such a dear!

@evie--I'm findiing that I'm like Bourjois products too!.

@Jian--Oh my and you have it readily available to you. Maybe that's the problem. I find that if things are easily accessible, I don't use/try it because I think that I can get it any time.

@Beauty Box--I'm feeling so lucky to have been sent these lovelh items!

@Nic Nic--Yes, you really should try it out when you get back to UK.