Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trade/Love Package #3

I did something horribly wrong when I tried to do this as a scheduled post as I did with the other two--I lost my post! It was supposed to post on Tuesday but never appeared and I can't find it so here I am writing it again. Sorry Yuming that it didn't get posted earlier.

Love package #3 was actually a trade that I had worked out with Yuming of Beauty Box. She had commented on one of my posts about wanting but has been holdling off on getting NAKED 2 Palette. I barely touched my palette, mostly did a couple of swatches and a couple of EOTD so I asked her if she would be willing to do a trade for it before I decided to put it up on a blog sale. She graciously accepted by trade request and sent me extra lovely items as well.

There were a bunch of masks, a couple of sample items, two Daiso blushes, a lip gloss and Daiso sponge cleaner. The Daiso blushes are really a great product and at such an inexpensive price. I've raved about the sponge cleaner in an earlier post as have many other bloggers.

A sweet note and the trade item--an Addiction eyeshadow! I requested the color Keshi. I had first bought an eyeshadow a couple of months ago when I was in Japan. I was very much impressed by the pigmentation and quality of it. I had always thought that it was an extremely expensive product but to my surprise, it is priced similarly to maybe NARS and only slightly higher than Urban Decay. If the dollar wasn't so weak against the yen, then of course it would be even more reasonably priced.

A closeup of Keshi, which is a dark charcoal color. I will definitely be reviewing this along with the other color that I purchased. That color is Neverland, which is a deep green.

Thank you Yuming for doing the trade with me and for including such wonderful goodies. I love everything!



Beauty Box said...

Hi Kathy, thank you for this dedicated post on our exchange. Always a pleasure and I'm just an email away if you spot anything you would like on the Japanese beauty scene ;-)

Beauty Box said...

Oops sorry I forgot to add that the pre-mask sample is meant to be used straight after you wash your face, you smear it on your face, and then pop on a sheet mask. This is meant to maximize the absorption of the sheet mask. I don't rem if I included instructions!!

Brianna said...

What a great and resourceful exchange!
I have the pre- mask cream that yuming commented on and I have to say it's pretty interesting. :)

galpal.hi said...

@Beauty Box--Thank you so much! Thank you for all the goodies. Can't wait to try the pre-mask sample.

@Brianna--Thanks for commenting. I like what you thought about the pre-mask cream.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a cool exchange, I have met Yuming she is just lovely!!! You have you meet her next time you're in Japan!! Enjoy!!

galpal.hi said...

@Nic Nic--I'm hoping the next time I'm in Japan (which might be next year) that I have time to do meet ups. Although the relatives are already saying that they want us to spend time with them and have all these grand plans. LOL!