Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quick Addendum to Kat's Foundation Application Technique

Sorry, I thought about editing the previous post but decided to just do a quick new post. 

I forgot to mention that when I start applying the foundation, my starting point is always the center of my face, which is the nose area. I like my foundation to have heavier coverage on the nose and cheek area because that's where I have the most dark spot pigmentation that I wish to cover. Since I stipple foundation on, I work my way from center towards the outer edges of my face, gently blending and tapering the color of the foundation outward. I find that doing this works best for me and helps with better color matching the foundation to my skin tone. 

This works its way into a whole other topic--color matching foundation that isn't' quite the right match to my skin tone and contouring. Anyone interested in reading posts on my technique(s) for that?



Blair said...

Yes, would love to read that post! The drugstore foundations that I purchase tend to be too light for my skintone.