Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thank You and Quick Mini Giveaway

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year again.

Over the past couple of months, we have a number of new followers and we want to say thank you to each of you who are publicly following. I'm sure that there are others that are reading regularly but not following and we appreciate you very much too.

Thank you also to everyone who has read my last post on creating double eyelids using false eyelash glue. I had a couple of people inquire as to how I do it, which is why I did the post but the number of people who have read it is quite significant. I didn't think it would be quite that popular.

I'm trying to do cleaning for the new year and have so much things set aside for giveaways that it's time to do another quick one.

What's in the giveaway?

A Lancome cosmetic bag which will be filled with mini Lancaster Self Tanning Essential Bronze Milk, Lancaster Tan Maximizer Cream. Both of these to get you ready for the summer. I'm sure that there's quite a few of you who are looking forward to warmer weather. Small jar of Lancome High Resolution Refill 3x, small jar of Estee Lauder Resillience Lift Extreme cream, Estee Lauder Long Lasting Lipstick in Hot Kiss and mini Sephora Atomic Volume mascara. Those items were GWP's that I received when I made various purchases. Also included will be two pairs of false eyelashes, The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter mini and 4 Tarina Tarantino Magic Hour Smudge Pens. Those items were purchased by me.

Just to expand a little bit on the Tarina Tarantino Smudge Pens, I haven't used it yet although I do have a set for me. The colors that will be included in this giveaway are Purple Velvet, Smoked Topaz, Aurum and Silk. These are not eyeliner pens but are actually powder eyeshadows.

Sorry, I don't remember which color this is.

It looked so interesting to me when I saw it that I had to buy it. I like the fact that they are powders and not cream eyeshadows. It is foam/sponge tipped.

Here are the rules:

1. You can enter only if you are one of the current 66 followers. (Yes, I have a list of all the current 66 followers.)

2. All that you need to do is comment here that you'd like to be entered and

3. Please suggest to me a good and rather inexpensive camera that is good to use to take blog pictures.

4. This giveaway will end on January 25, 2011, which is only a week. I will have Mai randomly choose a winner sometime after that.

Currently I am using a Canon Powershot SD 1100 IS Digital Elph. I love it because it's easy to use and small. I carry it with me in my purse all the time. The only disappointment that I have with it is that it doesn't photograph well in low light. I've adjusted the settings and it still doesn't work out well. I would LOVE to get a digital SLR but that is currently out of my budgeting. I've also used a Sony but had the same low light problems.

Thanks and good luck!



Sheila said...

I'd like to be entered!

I have a Sony and I have the same problem as you, so when I need to take low-light photos, I use my Blackberry XD

I don't really know what to recommend... maybe an Olympus? I've heard their Pen series (I think thats what its called...) takes good photos and not too expensive, its like between a DSLR and a regular point and shoot. I'm not really an expert in photography though... sorry!!

rhaindropz said...

I'd like to be entered hun!

I use my cellphone Nokia C5 for taking my blog pictures ^_^ well im not techie person but i think Canon PowerShot SD780 will do the trick ^_^ though it costs around $200 but for bloggers like us, it was handy and nice to play with you can see review here:

btw you can find camera that costs $100 and below here:

hugs and kisses

yuriko said...

I'd like to be entered!!!

I'm using Panasonic dc right now and i love it! I've used other brands as well, but i think Panasonic is most user-friendly. It costs $200 (well, in Canada. Not a bad price, i think.

Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

sugar sugar said...

I would like to be entered please. :)

I am also looking for a new camera and have been reading reviews here and there... I am leaning towards the new Lumix 5. :) You might want to look into it.

I hope this giveaway is open internationally. If it isn't please delete my comment. Thank you very much! ^0^

galpal.hi said...

@Sheila, @rhaindropz, @yuriko, @sugar sugar--Thank you all for commenting and for your camera suggestions. I will definitely check all of the suggestions out. Honestly, I am hoping that when I go to Japan in July that my son will give me his D-SLR. He bought one and then not even half a year later upgraded to a really expensive one. I told him that I wanted his "old" one but he said that he still uses it because it's more compact than the newer one. We'll see if that has changed when I go up to Japan.

Yes, the giveaway is open internationally. We're blessed to have followers from all over the world.


K said...

Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! I have a Panasonic. The one I have has too many functions for a point and shoot, so I'm planning to buy one that is smaller and more compact.

Vanity-Fashionista said...

I would like to be entered in the giveaway please :)

I have a samsung ES60, I always use the auto macro option to take my blog pics. In natural like without flash is pretty decent, the flash on it is quite bright so I stand further back and zoom in which I find works really well. It's a pretty decent camera, and I got it for a good price too. You can check my blog to see the quality of the photos :)

Vicky xx

Jennifer said...

thanks for the giveaway :) i'd love to be entered!

I suggest CANON POWERSHOT S95, my friend is using this one and she can take pics in dark environment and the image quality is superb :) yes it's a DC!

Kim said...

Hey Kat! Please enter me into your awesome giveaway.

As far as the camera issue...i have the exact same problem and cannot adjust my Canon to the right lighting. I heard Nokia is a good option.

Thanks! Kim

Ying said...

hey kat! you should try the sony cyber shot dsc-tx7. it is awesome for low light!

coffretgorge said...

those TT eyeshadow pens look interesting! thank u for hosting this generous giveaway kat! i'd rather not enter because i know i already have something coming from u. want to give chance to others :)

anyway, camera talk! i love canon. maybe u can find a powershot which is suitable for your price range. i use my point and shoot Canon for my blog, except for some times we use Lurvey's Nikon DSLR. but yeah, i dont think u can go wrong with a canon. ;) *fangirl*

galpal.hi said...

Thanks again everyone for all of the wonderful suggestions. I'm going to have to spend a lot of time researching each and every one of them.


galpal.hi said...

@coffretgorge--Of course you can enter! The package that I sent to you is a gift. I'm not sure how long it will take to arrive but I hope that it doesn't take too long.


Anonymous said...

Aww you are so generous Kathy! Please entry.. dont mind trying my luck hehe..

I heard Samsung is very decent and inexpensive.. and I like to think the one I'm using Casio Exilm is pretty good too. Hope this helps!

Brianna said...

Thanks for holding this great giveaway!

I have an older Sony cybershot I like it but am looking to upgrade it since its over 3 years old and digital cameras have gotten better sicne then. The newer cybershot line is really nice. One of the ones here (sorry I don't know the model) was used to shoot a commerical for the camera itself and it was so nice!

galpal.hi said...

@Nic Nic--Yes! I love the way your Casio is taking your FOTD pictures. It comes out really clear.

@Brianna--I loved my Sony before but again, the low light pictures came out crappy. With both the Sony and my current Canon, everything comes out in a yellow tone. I'll take a look at what Sony has to offer now.


Steph said...

enter me please =D

hm... camera suggestion... sorry none... my camera's decent...but the macro focus is total crap >< it takes forever
it has a bright flash but washes out a lot of color for close up eye looks
(Casio Exilim...it's kinda old)

i hope your son changes his mind regarding the dslr lol good luck =D

p.s i tried out the eye lash glue for double eyelids
i put it WAYYY to high && used dark tone HAHA talk about fail...
will try again soon =]

galpal.hi said...

@Steph--LOL! Thanks! I hope that he changes his mind too. I would love to have that camera handed down to me.

Definitely you need to use clear eyelash glue for the method. Good luck in trying it again.