Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review: Nature Republic White Therapy Skincare Trio

A while back, I wrote about my friends returning from a trip to Korea and bringing back Nature Republic products for me. Amongst the items brought back were 3 products from the White Therapy line--micro bubble foam cleanser, toner and emulsion. I have been using it for a couple of months now so I think that I can give a decent review on it.

First of all, what Nature Republic is all about as explained on the product box:

Here is the information for the micro bubble foam cleanser:

Here is the information for the toner:

And lastly, here is the information for the emulsion:

The micro bubble foam cleanser comes in a typical cleanser tube. The cleanser itself is typical in that it's a white cream and it does foam up quite nicely. It feels nice a smooth while you are washing your face. After rinsing your face, it feels quite nice although after a while, I do notice some tightening of my skin. I do have admit that is quite typical of most cleansers for me though.

The toner and the emulsion come in quite heavy glass/ceramic containers. It is quite nice although my one gripe about it is that it is quite a thick white container and there is no way to tell exactly how much product you have used and how much is left. I personally prefer nice plastic containers to glass because I have a tendency to knock things over.

The toner has a consistency of water, which is quite typical of most toners. I usually apply it with a cotton pad after washing my face. It is quite light and refreshing.

The emulsion I usually apply after applying a serum. It has a light, creamy consistency. It is neither too light nor too heavy.

As for the whitening properties, I haven't noticed anything. This line does seem to moisturize nicely and I haven't had any adverse reactions to it. It does have a floral scent, which I would say is a little bit stronger than a light scent but it doesn't linger. To me, this is nothing exceptional but neither is it inferior. I think that it's a nice line to use as a daily skincare regime. I can't say that I would purchase it again since it's something that's not available here but if it were, I'm not sure that I would repurchase it. I would probably prefer to try out another line but if it were given to me again, I would definitely use it.

As a side note, for a product that is supposed to be based on natural substances, it sure does have a lot of ingredients in it. Granted it does say that it combines with state-of-the-art technology but I was surprised by the long list of ingredients.



Steph said...

i have a tendency to knock things over too!!! lol

there were quite a few ingredients with fancy names...but the description given by the company sounds good... like most boxes lol

Fruity Lashes said...

this seems to be a decent brand. i love the English info printed on the box. and the packaging is nice too!

galpal.hi said...

@Steph--LOL! Yes, advertising people are smart when it comes to making a product look attractive to people. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who has a tendency to knock things over.

All in all, though, it is a decent product line. I just don't know if I would purchase it for myself to use again. If there was nothing else around that I really liked, then yes, I would but otherwise I think that if I can find something else that stands out more, I'll use it instead of the Nature Republic line.


galpal.hi said...

@Fruity Lashes--Yes, I totally agree with you! I really appreciated the English info on the packaging. It really is a decent line. I'm glad that I'm able to use it and give it a test.


Mischievous Mack said...

I agree with you about the whitening! I've tried the toner and emulsion. They are decent, but nothing too exciting.
It also kind of seems like Natural doesn't mean the same thing in Korea, at least not to Nature republic.... :)

galpal.hi said...

@Mischievous Mack--Thank you for your comment. I know that you have access to many Korean brands so I love reading your reviews.