Monday, January 31, 2011

Charlotte Russe Cashmere Shrugs and Giveaway

A few months ago Annie of Really Petite blogged about these 100% cashmere shrugs from Charlotte Russe. I love shrugs so I decided to go and check it out.

I picked up a size small in fuchsia and a size medium in charcoal. I really liked the charcoal color and they didn't have it in small, which is why I picked it up in medium.

I brought it home with the intention of trying to decide whether or not to keep them. They were $49.99 each. After trying them on and pairing with a variety of different outfits, for some reason I can't work the shawl style collar. I don't think that it looks that good on me. I decided that I would return them BUT someone in my family took the empty Charlotte Russe package to use but didn't realize that the receipt was still in it so it's gone.

I am still sitting on the fence on the charcoal-colored one but I have decided to do a giveaway on the size small, fuchsia-colored shrug. My loss is your gain! All that you need to do is comment on why you would like to win this shrug. (Or you can just comment on anything.) The last day to enter will be on Monday, February 7 at midnight Hawaii time. Everyone who enters will be assigned a number in the order that they commented. I will then use to choose a number, hopefully on Tuesday, February 8.

Good luck everyone!



Jennifer said...

thanks for your best wishes Kat ^_^ i hope i can recover soon! Happy Chinese New Year to you btw!

Steph said...

they're really cute!!!
if you can't figure a way to style them why don't you just wear them at home~
or use them as a throw on- going on a quick errand shrug =]

ことり ✜ kotori said...

Aww I hope you recover soon. However I gotta say the charcoal looks absolutely nice!

Someone else stated that you could wear it as a quick throw-on and I gotta agree with that too >o<

coffretgorge said...

you're a really generous person Kat! :) how are you lately?

RYC: i almost cried when i saw the red bumps! there was a lot, even in my forehead and the other cheek! :( but i cant complain because I know its part of learning and discovering products which work for me. i just let out a sigh whenever i see them. good thing they're slowly disappearing now. thanks for your concern! <3

Callie said...

Oh I'd love to win---I just adore cashmere and I think the color is so very pretty! Thank you for the chance!

galpal.hi said...

@Jennifer--You're 1st to comment! Happy Chinese New Year to you too! I hope that you'll be healthy so you can enjoy the celebrations.

@Steph--Thanks for the suggestion. I'll think about it for the charcoal one.

@kotori--Thanks for your input!

@coffretgorge--Thank you for asking...I'm fine! I like your positive outlook on what's been happening with your skin. I hope it clears up soon so that you can try more products out.

@Callie--Thank you for following and for commenting. Good luck!


sugar sugar said...

I agree with the suggestion that you can use it as a quick throw on. :) I think charcoal would look great layered on anything. ;)

I think fuchsia is a harder color to wear but I'll take a risk and would definitely love to do an OOTD with it if I win! <3

galpal.hi said...

@sugar sugar--Thank you for your input as well. I love blacks and grays and actually have too many items in those colors. I really like pinks too so the fuchsia works well with my wardrobe but I'm just not liking the neckline/collar.

Good luck in this giveaway!


Brianna said...

I'm not a huge fan of shrugs, but mostly because they don't hide my lower half lol! I am a bum conscience gal ;) I think though if you are not thrilled with the collar, maybe try pinning it close and see? Or adding a nice statement necklace to take away from the attention of the collar you don't like?

You don't need to enter me into the contest, I just wanted to share my thoughts.

Lemon Tart said...

I've never had a fuchsia colour shrug but I've got a pair of ballet flats with the same colour. I think it'll look good on a white sunny dress. =)

CL said...

Hi Kat,

Sorry the fuschia shrug isn't working for you, but I would definitely be interested in giving it a shot! I really love the color, and I'm fairly certain that small will fit me well (assuming I don't eat too much in the next few days lol). I think I have several outfits that I would love to try pairing it with. It's too bad I don't have a Charlotte Russe close by to see for sure. In any case, thanks so much for providing this opportunity!

galpal.hi said...

@Brianna--Thank you so much for your suggestions. Maybe I'll try playing around with the gray one more and see if I like it better.

@Lemon Tart--I love the color--it's really great for brightening up your wardrobe. Good luck!

@CL--I'm sure that even if you eat a ton, you won't go up a size. Good luck!


ShimmerDreamz (Cassie) said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

Perhaps style the shrug with a long top and layered necklaces/skinny scarf?

I have to say that I'm quite partial to the fuschia colour - I'm a sucker for bright colours!

galpal.hi said...

@Cassie--Thank you for visiting and following! Thank you also for the suggestions.

You're officially entered in the giveaway. Good luck!


dothetwist said...

I would like to win this shrug because Charlotte Russe is one of my fav stores. And that color is absolutely gorgeous! :D