Sunday, November 6, 2016

Nordstrom Fall 2016 Beauty Trend Show

Thanks to Mai's planning for something to do to celebrate my birthday (which was last month), we were able to attend this year's Nordstrom Fall Trend Show.

She arranged appointments for us to do Kate Somerville's HydraQuench Oxygen treatment, which was a real treat in more ways than one.

Kate Somerville is renown for her work with many celebrities. This complimentary treatment is actually a $270.00 value! Mai had actually gotten one done earlier in the week on Sunday, at the start of Beauty Trend Week. She enjoyed it so much that she was able to get it again. The young man who did her treatment was Sheldon and she highly recommends him. She made sure that my treatment was done by him.

After cleansing your face, the oxygen therapy is done and then some product is applied to your skin and massaged in. 

The massage felt really nice and being worked on by a cute guy was a bonus. Shhh!   :)

One hint that was given to us by Justine of Kate Somerville counter was to not sweat or get your face wet until the next day. This will allow the treatment to really work into your skin and reap the benefits. Even if you do put makeup on, then remove using makeup wipes and mist or pat on toner before going to sleep, just do not wash until the next morning. 

Next we went over to MAC to get our makeup done. Mai had actually made all of our arrangements for the day with Pie of Mac. We were fortunate enough to meet her that day and have our faces done by this beautiful and awesome young woman.We kind of let her decide and be creative on what colors to use.

She spent at least an hour on each of us and was so much fun. Mai and I commented that we think we've finally found another Beauty Advisor that we really like. We are looking forward to going back to visit and work with her. If you are ever in Hawaii and looking to try something new and exciting, we highly recommend Pie Chun, Beauty Advisor for MAC Cosmetics at Nordstrom Ala Moana.

We are looking foward to seeing Pie again and testing out other skin care lines and try out other MAC eye looks.