Friday, November 4, 2016

Purchase Review: Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap

A couple of months ago, someone that I know from a different group had put out a request asking if anyone knew where to purchase the Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap. While researching it, I found that it was probably not released yet. Since I was going to Japan, I offered to pick it up for her since it looked very interesting to me. 

It is a light, whipped soap which when you press down the two sides, the foam comes up in the shape of a rose. It is also rose scented. I was afraid that it would be strongly scented but fortunately it is very lightly fragranced and is quite pleasant. I was told not press down evenly but lightly. If pressed too hard, too much product would come out and it would be a waste.

I was able to find this in a department store. The total price was 1375.92 yen (1274 + 101.92 tax), which I felt was relatively reasonable. I think that this might be an limited edition item because I can't seem to find it online except at gouged prices on ebay. Even Amazon Japan has very limited listings but at a much higher price. I believe that Sheila from Maddy Loves was able to pick this item up last week in Japan but it was by luck that she found it. 

It is a nice cleansing foam. Very light, lightly scented and doesn't leave my face feeling too squeaky clean and stripped. It is a nice novelty item to have and I do like it enough that I would purchase again if able to.

EDIT: I discovered that there is much more information out there than when I looked for it a couple of months ago. This product is designed for women with mature skin although it is very popular with all skin types just because it is so innovative and cute. Main ingredients are royal jelly extract, soluble collagen, two types of hyaluronic acid, sake and rosewater. These are key ingredients providing anti ageing properties and prevents dryness. 

I still don't know if it's a limited edition item or if it's just super popular that demand is higher than supply. It's difficult to find in Japan.



Bijin Blair said...

I had to see it to believe it but wow, rose shaped foam!!! Do you know if it contains sulphates?

galpal.hi said...

Hi Blair! I wrote an "edit" but it doesn't seem to have any sulphates. It really is one of the most beautiful and fun facial cleansers that I have seen and used. Thanks for commenting. BTW, I'm going to send you either an email or a private message. Will check your blog to see how I can contact you.


Sheila (Maddy Loves) said...

I understand it's not LE but it's just very popular! They were sold out at about a dozen stores that I went to, and the 2-3 stores I did see this in stock had a buy limit of 2 per person. I haven't tried mine yet but I'm excited to play with the rose foam.

K said...

I'm so surprised to see how popular this is online... I heard about it through non-Japanese bloggers!