Monday, November 23, 2015

Product Review: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15

My personal preference for lipsticks is for it to be sheer and moisturizing. I really like those with a lip balm feel to it and one of my favorite drugstore brands has been long discontinued. 

I'm really late to the Fresh bandwagon. I have only used their soy face wash in the past. Recently I decided to pick up the special mini trio that was only $28.00. There were 3 different colors, Nude, Rose and Honey. It comes in a really nice tin container which has a mirror on the inside cover. I'm already thinking of using the tin as a magnetic palette. It's a nice and compact size and I can layer 2 or 3 layers inside. I may actually have it replace the current tin that I'm using, although that one has sentimental value for me.

The back of the cardboard cover which lists specifics:

The lipstick tubes are tightly packed inside.

Colors and Swatches on a paper towel:

I absolutely am in love with this line! My absolute favorite is Rose. It comes off as a MLBB color. Honey is a little too warm for me so I gave it to Mai and she loves it. Nude is too pale for me but is perfect for wearing at home as a lip balm, which I often wear at home anyway. In recent month, my lips have become dry so I find myself reaching for a lip balm more often now. 

This line has colors that are sheer and some colors that are more bold. At this point in time, I would honestly love to replace all of my lipsticks with this line. A month or so from now I may find some other line that I will really appeal to me but for now, these lipsticks fit my personal preference for a lipstick. I will admit that I did go back and buy a full-sized tube in a different color. I'm not loving the color as much as it is a much brighter pink than I wanted but it's still wearable, especially with the holidays coming up and bolder colors can be easily worn. I need to go back and get a full size in Rose.

Have you tried Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments and what are your thoughts?



Sheila (Maddy Loves) said...

LOVE Fresh products - their face masks are my favourite. I really like their lip balms too, although they're not moisturizing enough for me. I really need something super hydrating because my lips are perpetually dry.

Jen Lavenders said...

i love this! Rose would be my favorite too! I have two other sugar lip treatments! :)

Susie said...

Oh my! This is so pretty. I have heard so many good things about this brand. I think this is something worth checking out.

Bijin Blair said...

No, not yet! But I will once I finish off a few things in my stash. Your review is very convincing, haha!