Sunday, June 7, 2015

Long Time No Blog!

My work schedule will FINALLY start winding down back to almost normal. I'm so sorry for the absence! I have to admit that this year seemed quite insane! It could also be that I'm getting older and slowing down.

I came home each day exhausted and yet couldn't sleep because I was too wound up. All that I could do was sit and vegetate in front of the television. The last few weeks it was getting boring and yet I couldn't muster the energy or have the motivation to sit and take pictures and write up a blog post. I was starting to really miss doing anything beauty related so I started to go through my stash and clear things up and out. I also got motivated to want to start pressing pigments. I started doing so a couple of weeks ago and have been having a lot of fun doing so. For now, here's a picture of the various supplies that I've been using.

I am hoping to do a couple of blog posts on the things that I have done. I've also made a Vitamin C serum, which is to help lighten dark spots and brighten your skin,

While my work life is slowing down, my personal life is getting hectic with various visitors coming. I guess that really marks the start of summer!

How has everyone been?



K said...

I totally understand about sitting in front of the TV doing nothing... you want to do something else, but you don't have the energy for it. Hope to hear more from you soon!

galpal.hi said...

@K--Thank you!